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Average success. Good luck. Compensation. Reward. Average success. Good luck. Compensation. Reward.
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Center of being. Spiritual self. Shelter. Basic need fulfilled. Happiness within the family. To dream of visiting your old home, you will have good news to rejoice over. To see your old home in a dilapidated state, warns you of the sickness or death of a relative. For a young woman this is a dream of sorrow. She will lose a dear friend. To go home and find everything cheery and comfortable, denotes harmony in the present home life and satisfactory results in business. See Abode.
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To dream of pondering over addition, denotes that you will have a struggle to overcome difficult situations, which will soon prominently assume formidable shapes in your business transactions. To find some error in addition, shows that you will be able to overcome enemies by fortunately discerning their intention before they have executed their design. To add figures with a machine, foretells that you will have a powerful ally who will save you from much oppression. If you fail to read the figures, you will lose fortune by blind speculation.
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To dream that you are hard at work, denotes that you will win merited success by concentration of energy. To see others at work, denotes that hopeful conditions will surround you. To look for work, means that you will be benefited by some unaccountable occurrence.
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