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Dead babies
2016-10-17 06:04:35
I had a dream that a baby was left in a basket on the front porch of the house. The biological parents were trying to get rid of it. Also the babies biological parents were not loving and very nice. So I dreamed that Jesus knew the future of the baby. That the baby growing up in that house would have had a bad childhood in their biological parents house with a lack of love and negative atmosphere. So Jesus carefully picked up the crying baby out of the basket and carefully brought the baby to their house on earth. Jesus was very affectionate towards the baby and gave it lots of love. He raised this baby from when they were a baby,then a kid,then a preteen,then a teen and all the way up to an adult. The daughter was very happy and loved and Jesus would do things to make her feel better. One day she came home from school as a child and talked to Jesus in her bedroom and he asked whats wrong and she replied that she was bullied at school and called ugly. Jesus said in a very reassuring way that she is not ugly she is beautiful and that he will love her forever. Then many years later when she is a young adult she figures out the truth about Jesus. She discovers that Jesus is not her biological dad,that Jesus rescued her from her real parents who weren't loving and mean also that Jesus is God and Jesus explains how he saved mankind. She was really shocked and surprised because she didn't realize he was not her biological father and she didn't know his true identity til then. She wanted to leave the house and get away from them because she became so emotional but Jesus told her he would never harm her and even locked the front door with his power so she would not go out and be in danger. Also Jesus gave his daughter a hug.
2016-09-29 20:19:41
2016-09-21 19:49:03


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