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I had a dream that I was pregnant by my first love and it looked like I was about 6 months.. What does that mean... Couple nights ago I had a dream that. I was six months pregnant and I was walkin to the park.. It was still summer time and his brother had a baseball game and my ex text me and ask was I going come I did when I get there he sitting on the bench with his girlfriend.. He didnt know I was preggers and hadent seen me since we had *****. He was surprised and so was his girlfriend.. So we all got introduced and talked... So my ex said well im Bout to take my girlfriend home you comin? I said no ima stay and watch the game. He said alright I'll be back I said ok.. He came back about 45 mins to an hour later... And walked up and said was up... I say nun just koolin... He sat down started a convo so then I say I got somethin to tell you... He said what I took his hand and put it on my stomach ... The baby kicks and I tell him that's his baby boy in there.... He looked at me and say what! And I tell him I'm carrying his baby... He gets *****ed and cuss me out... I say I'm sorry I didn't tell him but I didn't wanna burden you with this you need to focus on school and not worry about him... Then I start cryin and say to him you don't love me you said it yourself you love her And I didn't wanna ruin what y'all have... I can't compete with her she has your heart and all i have is your son... Then I woke up.. If it means anything he leaves for college on the 13th what does it mean?
2012-08-03 08:01:26


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