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A tall skinny dude invited himself into mom's house, we heard him coming and assumed the worst so we stopped talking and I immediately rushed to grab a gun of which we magically had 4. Dude proceeded to turn off the dining room light and rush towards me so I shot him point blank in the chest. Yelled for mom to call an ambulance and I pulled him into the pantry so he didn't bleed all over mom's carpet. Dream logic the ambulance didn't show up for hours and hours. So mom and I went up stairs and I looked out grandma's window and saw there were some *****ed hanging out in our driveway and SOMEHOW they had a crane and had hooked up mom's car and pulled it into the sky.. so it was like hanging there outside about above the window. I went down and was like WTF is going on here and they just giggled and drank, I assume beer, like "oh nuthin just hanging out" and I was like well your man that invited himself into our house isn't coming back.... he's *****in dead. They all got real serious and teary eyed and didn't even question it. So I was like get the ***** out. Time skipped and the ambulance finally showed up and they wanted to hear my story. No police involved. Dream logic. Then I was just out standing on the landing of the porch(that turn there with no roof over it) and I was looking up at the sky. I saw some aircraft in the sky blinking like planes but moving way to fast to be planes.. so jets. I was like huh that's weird.... and then they started firing missiles and *****ing huge mushroom cloud and flames erupted way off on the horizon. I panicked and went inside to get my phone and when I looked out the window another smaller fire bomb hit our neighbor's yard and everything was *****ed.
2016-02-07 14:56:01
I woke up in Ross's apartment with a half-empty bag of chips in one hand, and I could hear Ross's xbox still going, but Ross was passed out with the controller still in his hand. I got up and started to stretch, when I heard something. Fast footsteps, but with slower, heavier footsteps behind them. The faster ones started to get even faster, until they were full out sprinting, but the heavier footsteps remained the same. Ross's apartement is in deep Osborne village, so it's normal to have people being loud at weird hours, but this time it was different. It sounds like the stupidest thing I've ever said, but you know how you learn your parent's footsteps before they come to your room? Or when someone enters your house and you know exactly who it is? The footsteps sounded like them. I hadn't heard them in so long. I carefully got up, making sure that Ross didn't wake up. I ran up the stairs, noticing that it was still dark outside, and got blinked a few times so that I could see. I found that the place was different at night – it looked more vintage. I tripped across the carpet, and a red light flashed in the reflection of a painting. I felt my heart skip a beat, and I looked closer to the red light in the reflection. I supposed that it was the reflection of the fire alarm, but then. Well, I heard a crash behind me, and when I turned around I felt myself being pushed to the ground, and a broken down pick-up truck, and I got pinned beteen the wall and the car. A girl walked out of the car, the same one, from the painting before. She walked up to me, trying to get out from between the car. She looked at me, in the eyes, I think, it was pretty dark, and then she lifted my chin. She mouthed the words, “I'm so sorry I had to do this” but I heard the words “16:00 408 HARBISON NEW.” And the 9 year old girl stroked my hair until I passed out.
2015-12-19 20:04:35


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