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2013-02-02 01:26:10
In my dream it was very dark and it was like my eyes were half open i just couldnt differentiate between objects or people. I was at a party and had ***** with a coworker that I do not know very well. I passed her in a hallway and immediately we both grabbed each other and i began making out with her, picked her up against the wall kissing and feeling each other. The next time was on a huge 30 foot long bed in a very dark large room. This one was strange after we were done having ***** she left the room and a shady figure walked into the room and placed something on my pillow. I picked the object up which turned out to be a Mickey mouse stuffed animal. Again it was like I couldnt see anything clearly except my co-worker and the objects placed on my pillows after the dark shady figure left the room. Then my co worker came back into the room she grabbed my hand and took me through the house down a hallway into yet another small dark room. She grabbed my ***** pulling me to her and we began undressing each other and had ***** for hours. She was very intimate and extremely warm. When we were done she left the room half naked and shut the door. Then once again a shady figure came into the room and placed something on my pillow. The shady figure then left the room and i picked up the object and it was a Minny Mouse stuffed animal. Then i turned as the door opened and it was My co worker walking out of the bathroom wrapping a blanket around her half naked body. She pointed her finger at me and used her finger to tell me to come here. I saw two cherries on her underwear and then i woke up.
2012-07-02 20:03:11
eating cherries from the tree
2012-06-05 13:20:23


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