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I was in a school gymnasium. shiny floors of the basketball court... red and white line markers on the floor of the court. i am standing in the middle of the gymnasium, the bleachers are full of people. I can see them, notice their clothes and feel that I know who they are... however, I cannot see any of their faces. They have blank faces. Like skin pulled down over them or something. No features, just flat skin colored faces.They do have their hair, I believe... though none stood out that I recall. In front of me is a man in all black. pants, long sleeves, and a black ski mask. He has a knife... a jagged edge knife like a hunting knife or something. He is repeatedly stabbing my mother who is hunched over and dressed in some sort of dress or long skirt and long sleeves. I cannot see my mothers face but I knew it was her. I start screaming and trying to run towards them but cannot move. All of a sudden, an old friend from school 3-12th grade friend, Cory was beside me with his arm around me as though he were comforting me. His face was the only one I could see in the whole nightmare. All of a sudden, my mother drops to the floor and lots of blood. The man swings his head up and looks at me straight in the eyes. I can see his medium brown almond shaped eyes. the skin around them was of a light brown color. He lunged towards me to come after me and I was able to turn and run - this is where I woke up. When I woke up, I was hysterical and as if in another world. one that I couldnt get out of. My roommates say I satt in the closet for three days. Rocking and crying and talking about my mother being dead and that he was coming for me. All I remember is that anytime I would close my eyes, it would continue so I didnt want to go to sleep. The next thing I know, or realize, or came to... so to speak... I was standing in the kitchen cooking macaroni on the stove and my friend was standing there looking at me and asking what I was doing. I dont remember coming out of this state at all. If three people hadnt told me and were all very serious about the fact that I had been in the closet freaking out for three days and *****ody could calm me down or get me out of that place or state I was in.... I wouldnt believe it. I didnt think I had been there for three days, nor did I remember a lot of what they said I was doing... All I know is what I felt and what seemed so real to me to this day. I usually dont remember details like these from my dreams/nightmares... this one didnt feel like a dream... it felt like reality. people continue to tell me it was only a dream, but all I can say is that I have never had a dream feel like this or put me into such a scary and helpless place. I never EVER want to go there again. This was when I was 18yrs old. Since, my mother has passed from alcoholism when I was 33.I am 40 now.
2016-01-12 11:13:02
I was cooking crabs
2016-01-06 05:43:06
Cooking meat
2015-07-07 07:02:22
Cooking Stove
2015-06-06 06:43:28
cooking seafood
2015-04-20 12:09:17
I am in a big, white house with my current boyfriend's family - but they aren't his normal family, they're just made up figures, and the house isn't his. The start of the dream is a little blurry, but I am finding clues and hunting around the house with my boyfriend. There are these little counters on the floor leading me around and eventually they lead out onto the patio to this pot plant. I lift up the pot plant and there are drugs hidden under there. No one seems surprised, but they are pleased and comforted that I found it. I know that they belong to my boyfriend's sister - however, in real life, he only has one sister and in this dream he had two. Anyway, then we have dinner together and it seems like it's going to be an impressive meal because the mum has been cooking for ages, but its actually McDonalds fries and some carrot and cu*****ber. Later on in the dream - I woke up and went to sleep again - I am at school, and for some reason my boyfriend's sister is in the class (even though she is a lot older) and is introduced to everyone and they laugh. My boyfriend, sitting across the other side of the room, is red and very embarrassed. After class, I run to catch him and hug him and he is very sweaty. The next and final scene occurs in one of my real life classrooms, the sister is having trouble with school so I am helping her understand with the guidance of a teacher. I am labelling a diagram of a *****, and we are disagreeing about where the *****oris is. I ask the teacher, but she disappears. She teacher tells me the sister might need 'magnetic glasses'. When I exit the classroom I look for my boyfriend, but cannot find him.
2015-04-12 17:18:49


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