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I saw a graveyard
2013-10-19 21:31:22
I was in a train station, I was riding a red bicycle around the train station. I knew in the dream that I was there a lot, because the train director janitor knew me very well. As I am riding my bike around in a circle the train director/ janitor comes up to me and tells me I have to go home because my mother just called and told me my dad was died dead. I initially was upset but then I told myself that I cannot be upset just yet until I am sure that it was the director just said. I told him to repeat himself, but he would not repeat himself. I began yelling at him telling him he has to repeat what he just said, but he kept saying other things like “go home, your mom just called”. So I go back to my home house, there are a crowd cluster lot of people there. I go outside into the backyard and my cousin Evan is out there. It is very muddy dirty soggy dark in the back yard and I walk to the edge of it and see there is a low stone wall that sections off a corner of the yard. I think to myself that this must be the place we will bury graveyard my dad. I ask Evan to help me move a bench. He helps me move it and now on the edge of my entire yard is a larger stone wall, about 6 or 7 feet high. I notice that there is a broken section in the wall and ask Evan to help me move the bench to the broken section of the wall. When I look out through the break I see that instead of my neighborhood beyond it there is a great harbor ocean, with many hills and cliffs off to the side. There are sailboats in the water, and I feel relieved. I go back inside my house and in the master bedroom (my bedroom) my mom is sitting on my bed. I wonder why she is in my room, she talking to some unknown person who is standing in the corner. I interrupt her conversation to ask her what is going on. I do not want to ask her because I can see a look of worry on her face, and I do not want to remind her about dad being dead because I know she will break down. But I know I have to know what happened, so I ask her what happened to dad. She says to me “what do you mean?” and I look behind me and see my dad is right behind me wearing his normal Hawaiian shirt. I look at my mom and I ask her “well then who died” and she tells me my mommom died.
2013-07-12 15:20:37


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