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i was back in the Navy
2014-02-21 06:45:39
Navy jacket
2013-10-17 14:37:11
I had a dream that I was at a multi level shopping mall and I was looking for a bathroom to use. I looked and looked and finally found one. I entered the bathroom and went looking for a toilet. I looked in the first toilet stall and saw that the toilet was full of feces, I looked in another toilet stall and found the toilet full of urine, and I looked in a third toilet and found the toilet full of vomit. I went to look for another toilet stall and saw three Greek men enter the women's washroom. I spoke with the man in Greek and told him that he wasn't allowed to be in the women's washroom, he kept asking why and I told him that if he didn't leave the washroom, I would call the security. He said that he wanted to give away some stuff and I told him that this wasn't the place for that kind of gesture. All three men left and I went to a Christmas display and I noticed a red plastic bag that the Greek man had left behind. I opened the bag and noticed boxes of all shapes and sizes. I opened the first box and I found, Greek Christmas cards, lottery tickets, stamps, air mail. I decided to keep several boxes. My Aunt Mary then appeared and a lady next to her was asking about some red candles, my Aunt replied that she had the exact same ones and they had a specific scent. I smelled the candles but I couldn't smell anything. I said to her that if she had a pair of candles then I would keep this pair of red candles too. I then noticed an ornament that looked like a tea cup and saucer that was navy blue and white in colour and I decided to take that. I also saw a Christmas tree ornament that had lights and I decided to take that as well. I had to dismantle the ornament and the lighting system before I could remove it from the tree. I then woke up.
2013-09-30 00:52:00


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