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Sitting at lunch with joe two girls (elementary) (wearing green shirts blonde hair not pretty and khaki shorts) are standing across from us whispering and staring at us they talk to a teacher and the teacher comes over she says we aren't supposed to sit here because this is for poor people and then I notice every around me and I get really upset I get on too of the table and shot to the lunch room ***** this the lunch room is quiet I say we don't have to take their ***** anymore and I go of on this powerful speech and I get everyone rialed up and I say to mix back together and separation is wrong and then me Chucky miles and Joe leave school we are walking and then I talk to Chucky and we talk about how I will probably get in trouble for using bad words and then I keep walking and I end up at Jennas house and her eyes are all blood shot and their are occasional tears as soon as I see her I feel really sad and caring Anne want to comfort her and and Jeremy stats pestering her with questions about why she was crying and she says I'm not as she whips a tear from her face that only I see I mentally Getty furious at Jeremy and want to punch him in the face but I go over to Jenna and I give her a hug and we kind of whisper and talk and I ask get what's wrong and she says she will tell me later we stop hugging and I state at her and I just want to comfort her she calls for get friend Kenna a few times she never comes and then she looks right at me and everyone disappears and she says I have to come with her and she will show me either my precious or my present (I can't remember....) She grabs me by the arm and starts walking me down the hall and then I wake up.
2013-05-15 05:19:17
Being pestered by insects
2013-04-13 20:03:19
i dreamed on “tempest
2013-03-12 10:03:52


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