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I can't remember a whole lot of this dream but I woke feeling really stressed. I was in a building with some of my work colleagues and someone was going to take us to a place that we didn't want to go to by train. So we each received an email listing the part each of us was going to play to fool this terroriser so that we wouldn't have to go. Everyone had begun their part of the plan and I hadn't even finished reading the email to know my part. All I knew was that I had to go outside to the garden to start or fix something. When I went into the garden I left the building via my family house rear door and went into a version of my family home's back garden. There was a lot of construction work happening. There was a crane holding two men really high up who were working on something. There was a hole in the ground by the crane with a steel platform over the top of it, that was raised from the hole meaning you could slide in to the hole with ease. It was only a shallow rectangular hole that you could have stand in. As I walked towards the crane tosh out the men I noticed that they couldn't hear me and saw some one or two objects falling towards me that they had dropped. I think it was only a screw driver or small building object. I ran into the hole in time to hear then clank off the steel above me. Just as I thought I was okay there was a machine in the hole that squirted two hot spurts of chemical into my face. I felt drowsy and shouted for help two or three times. By the third shout I started to feel strong again and heaved myself from the hole quite angry at the men above and fearless compared to how I felt before. However I was still rushing around the garden trying to find something that would help with the plan and then I woke up....
2014-04-13 07:54:27
I was in a darkish brown church like building. I was with my mom, brother, boyfriend, and a close family friend. We were fighting waves of monsters like zombies, demon wolves, and apes. In the second round I had lost all my family. They were laying down on the ground in a row with all the other dead people. I couldn't find my brother as if he vanished into thin air. I told my boyfriend something but I don't remember what I said. When was walking next to a lake I saw a 2 story house in the middle of the lake. The was an old woman with white wavy hair sitting in a chair at the end of the window. She was wearing a white night gown. She started chasing me back to the dark room where I began. I had an umbrella I was hiding from her under me. There was other people in the room too. They told me not to look into her eyes. The lady who was chasing me said the umbrella was around where I laid and she was gonna find it. She saw it poking out from under me and I gave it to her. I looked at her and she said don't be afraid child. She unscrewed a part in the umbrella and she took this tube like object out. It had a small hole on one end and a big one on the other. The big end had sparkles and colors of the rainbow coming out of it. I grabbed her hand and the tube helped use magically float back to her house in the lake. When we got there I said I had to go back. When I went back my boyfriend was in a white coffin with red, yellow and white flowers. My families friend was in a black coffin with red, yellow and white flowers too. Then I asked the lady who live in the middle of the lake if my families friend and my boyfriend could be next to each other. Then the black and white coffin appeared. The black one was on the laft and the white one was on the right. Then I woke up.
2014-04-07 10:07:38
I don’t know which came first, but I had a dream….where Dalton and I were still broken up, of course. But his friends would hang out and talk to me. Dick, who I only met once and never found out his name until weeks after we met, was hitting on me. Kevin wanted to be in a tournament together. Then there was one guy who I don’t think knew Dalton and Idk if this was ***** (didn’t feel like him) who sort of showed me how to hate. So I’ll start at the place where I think I should. I went to the library for a project with a class and the college was like high school, there was bells for every period. Not only that, but the library seemed like it was out of WOW in the fairy section. Half of it was purple n half of it was normal and there were flowers everywhere and it was so colorful. Well I had to find a research book and I had 5 minutes of class so I was booking it, running even. The bell didn’t ring, but I knew I was going to be late cuz class started when I ran out of the library. Days went by, and somehow Dick got a hold of me, wanting to hang out. Apparently, on top of the library was a hallway of appartments and ren and aaron kicked Dalton out and that was where he was living. Well I went to bed and Brian was sleeping in my bed, and kayla was sleeping on the top bunk. I was reading this book and for some reason I was being loud and Dick was relating with me about this book that I was reading….On it was called Chapter nine and it was about this family, idk. He kept me quiet and suggested we go to his place so I did. When we got to his place, he held me close and said “I know he hurt you” and cuddled me but then his hand started to wonder and I pushed him away and ran out into the hallway. Somehow I knew which door Dalton’s was and I knew I didn’t have enough time to book it down the hallway and Dick’s door was opening to look for me so I bashed into one door across from his and closed it behind me. I leaned against it, and it was like a dorm with more closet *****e in there. It was dark, and had a dark blue tint from the shades being over the window. There wasn’t a bed, there was a dressy, and your occasional messy floor with clothes. I figured this would be a good hiding spot and sat there for a bit as I heard them talk outside, Dick knowing that I don’t want Dalton to know I’m here so he played it off saying that he heard a sound out here. They both retreated to their room and I sighed, leaving, taking the elevator that didn’t close and went over the second floor n went rly slowly. The next day, Dick asked if I want to learn any computer stuff and I said it would help my future job if I learned all sorts of computer stuff so I went over to his place and we screwed up his computer. I realized I had to go home soon so I left, letting myself out. I stood in the hallway and sighed, for some reason deciding to take the stairs which was on Dalton’s side of the hall. I knew in the dream, idk how or why it even occurred, but the entire dream I knew that if I saw Dalton, it would destroy me. I couldn’t see him at all costs. This guy came out of this hallway connecting to the one I was in and we ran into each other in front of Dalton’s door. “Hey can you help me get in here?” he asked, pointing to Daltons door. I said I didn’t know who lived there and kept walking and the guy kept stopping me, asking me to help him get in. He grabbed me and I pushed him back before turning around and running into the same room I hid in before cuz Dalton heard the commotion and was heading for the door to see what was up. They weren’t able to find me and I sighed again to the dimly blue room. I wanted to write music, and I opened the door to leave, but an electronic piano sat on the floor without its legs. I brought it in and I started setting it up. I looked at the clothes on the floor, wondering who lived there. I shouldn’t have wondered because whoever lived there was this guy who was drawn out like he was the lead singer of the gorillaz. He freaked out, asking what I was doing there and stomped on me. I blacked out and woke up on this platform in someone’s back yard. A wooden platform that was 3 feet high. It was the same guy who stomped on me and he looked at me, for a drawn guy, he was cute with his emo hair and eye liner and dark clothes. “All you need to realize is that they’re made of lies. Like so.” He looked down from the platform and there were 3-4 ppl in the back yard, fighting a large cat and a large dog that I assume the guy created. “You’re all pieces of lies!” he screamed out before jumping off at one of them to fight them, his eyes growing red and the sky growing red. I watched in astonishment, hearing his voice inside me. “Remember that one thing you’ll never be able to forget from the pain and use that.” Just from that one statement, I remembered Dalton and my eyes grew red and I started to fight with this guy too. We won, but Idk if any of them died. Then I woke.
2014-02-12 17:23:47


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