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I was at a pep rally in the glenn campus building like always. Except there was a giant climbing toy like the kind you find at a fast food restaurant replacing the stage. There were many children in this tall foam and cage building, it looked more indestructible than the regular ones. There was this man who looked like a ringmaster coming into the gym who was stopped by my spanish teacher but as he stepped forward his eyes flashed a different color then the teacher came forward to introduce him. “This is Howard the ringmaster. He will be giving a performance with members from the audience.” Howard’s eyes flashed a different color, blue shade, and the spanish teacher looked confused but just walked back to where he was standing before. I thought that it was strange how his eyes changed but I thought it was just the trick of the light. “I need a volunteer from the audience. Someone from this front row? Howard said. He pointed to the girl next to me and she came up. “Now most people think that all the things I do here are pre - planned and fake. I can assure you that this person has no idea that she would be picked today. I want to show that many people can do the most extraordinary things. You just got to have the will, practice, and ability. Most people don’t put enough effort into this but I can make people use these extremely well and get them to do their special talent however I want. I can control how these people act. Sarah, I will show this on you first.” His eyes flashed again a more greenish shade and a smile grew across Sarah’s face. She bent backward and did about twenty backflips across the floor and landed perfectly. Then she did a cartwheel back to her seat. Howard’s eyes turned a brilliant blue and Sarah’s smile faded and she looked very confused. “What just happened. All I remember is being picked by that guy.” I thought this was strange and started to think about this guy. He was completely new to this school and the trick he did was almost like hypnosis. He did the same thing with a couple more people each presenting a different talent. He last came to me and I didn’t want to stand up. He glared at me and a flash of green appeared. Suddenly I felt at ease. I didn’t care about anything except doing what Howard said. It was like all my worries had faded away and all I had to do was let him do the work. I suddenly was back in my chair and I didn’t know how I got there. A burning was on my wrist. A circle, one half green and one half blue, like Howards eyes in the trick, and then I knew this was no trick, it was magic. He picked one more person to come up then I woke up.
2015-02-11 14:25:01
in a room with two people. One is a cat women, and the other is a man. the man tells me that there is a boy who wants to kill me with a knife. then he tells me that I should sleep in the other room with the cat women. She becomes a cat and curls up on the back of a reclining chair. I see children sleeping on the floor. I am scared after the warning and hide behind the chair and unlatch the lock on the window. I see the door open and jump out the window onto the city street. I then run to my school, where I go to Spanish class. I see my teachers messy room and suspect the boy is behind a stack of paper waiting to kill me. I run out into the crowded hall way and he follows me. Over the announcements the principle says that there is a killer loose in the school. No one seems upset by this. I see him gaining on me and I see my Spanish 2 teacher. she pulls me into her room and says I need to be careful. I go out into the hallway and see sean and Alex love holding hands in the middle of the stairwell. Alex tells me that it is too dangerous for Sean to be there. I call my mom and ask her to pick me up. She cannot because she is busy even though there is a killer in my school. I go downstairs to the cafeteria where Brandon tells me I need to let loose and party with the other kids. I see my English teacher and she tells me to join the other kids. I turn around and see Brandon and Adam dancing on a table together. A cute boy then asks me to a party after school at 3. I say I have to ask my mom. He holds my hand and walks me to my moms car. We pass Alex and Sean still holding hands as they leave the building. I get in the car. My mom drives backwards to the tennis courts. I change into my tennis clothes and realize I forgot a bra. the cheerleaders laugh at me. then I find it in the car. I go play with my sister on the messed up tennis courts. The nets are facing the wrong ways. The cheerleaders start taunting me. I throw an ball at the ring leader who is on top of the pyramid. she falls to the ground and melts along with the other cheerleaders. I remember the party and tell my mom its time to take me.
2014-12-08 19:42:12


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