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Me and 5 of my friends(Ally, Dominic, Alex, Tyler, and Theron) were eating at subway after school and it was absolutely hilarious. Them Ally, Theron, and Tyler had to go to play practice and somehow I ended up at a creepy house near where my grandparents live where the only way to get to it is going across a one-person bridge. And I was there with my two guy friends Alex(who I had a crush on, not anymore) and Dominic(who is a rather close friend of mine). we went inside and when we were looking around Alex got attacked by this crazy old lady who apparently lived there. After Dominic and I saved him we quickly realized that the lady wouldn't let us leave unless we playefd a game with here. Which was a stripping game (it lands on you and you take a piece of clothing off). I tried to leave but was beat up around the house by a magical broom.I knew we couldn't leave unless we played the game. Dominic, Alex, and myself sat around this twister board marked up like " girl-shirt , boys-shirt, boys-pants" eytc.we started playing it. Ironically it never landed on the old lady. But I was barefoot and still was half clothed since I had lost my shirt. Dominic lost his shirt and shoes. Alex lost his shirt, shoes, and socks. The spinner landed on "boys-pants" meaning both of them and they both got up, looked at each other, and started down their fly. The old lady then looked at me, cackled, with gleaming eyes and when I looked back both the guys were taking off their pants while looking at me. Then I woke up.
2015-01-24 09:12:20
a subway train
2014-05-27 12:02:43
2013-11-24 10:35:07
Dreamt I was going on a trip overseas, somehow won a ton of cash for the trip. Once at my destination I met up with a met young man I never met before in my waking life. He was tall, thick dark hair kept neat and styled in a short floppy do. He wore glasses, and dressed in an academic style. We went from the small town I arrived in via a strange, overcrowded and dirty subway or train to the city. He urged me to take a pit stop in one of the larger towns, this town being where my ex was living. I hesitated but followed him anyways. I don't know how we got inside my ex`s house, but the man seemed to be able to make him and I become mostly invisible. This came in handy because his current girlfriend walked into the upstairs where we were. She walked into my ex`s room where he was sleeping because she heard us walking. The guy turned us both invisible, once she returned downstairs, I snuck into the bedroom she had left. Still invisible I stood over my ex while he slept, some words were exchanged by myself and my partner about the situation. Weather or not I should talk to my ex, I did not want to, I had cut my ties with him and was happy about it. My partner wanted me to at least say hi while I was there. My partner then had an amusing idea that if I was not going to face my ex, that he suddenly reversed the invisibility on myself. it was at that moment my ex woke up to see me standing over him. In that moment I panicked as I looked down at my startled ex, I scrambled for something to say. the only thing I could think of was to say ``boo!`` This only further startled my ex; though he seemed a little bit pleased once the shock of the moment wore off. The unknown guy only laughed, seemingly pleased or at least amused by my antics. He made me invisible once more, further confusing my ex, who then called for his current girlfriend to come upstairs. The young man took me by the wrist and lead outside where we resumed the trip, going back to the train. The train was so overcrowded that I nearly lost him. I found him sitting in the seats across from me, he had saved me a spot next to him, even patting at the empty seat, beckoning me to join him. I got up and pushed past the people and took that seat. We traveled for what seemed like days on that train. We reached out stop, a grimy pub. I showed the bouncer my ID and went inside with the guy. There was someone I knew waiting at a booth for us, my ex`s best friend, whom I befriended in life. The three of us all had a few drinks and mostly chatted and had a good time. Thats when my ex strolled in, sitting in our booth. I was less than pleased, but avoided talking to him. He would keep bringing up how surprised he was to see me, that he wasn't really dreaming after all. The mystery guy again urged us two to talk, though he seemed a bit protective of me in the situation. The dream ended around there.
2013-05-19 23:32:40


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