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newborn babies
2014-03-29 10:47:26
Twin babies
2014-03-27 09:58:03
I had a really weird dream that left me feeling unhappy. Try my best to describe for interpretation. Can't say if it was in the past or future, due Tao how people were dressed, clothing etc, it was happening at the present time but some peoples clothing where from roman times and some dressed Greek mythology, whilst others in swimwear. I could not see myself their in person but was observing at first what was going on which was happening to people I did not know. A fellow was trying to chat a girl up on a sectioned part on the beach but she was not interested as preferred someone else. It was a warm glowing day. The lad wAs sitting outside a squared area on the beach where after the girl refused he advances the ground/sand opened and he became sucked in ands wallowed him up, then as the girl went to move away from the area although she was not afraid of the man the same happened to her for no apparent reason. Nothing bad happened between them for this to happen. Next I was on a triple decker coach where it was decided I leave the place which I think was an island, that went into destruction via a swirled over water which was either an ocean or sea,land was around it, as you get a bowl of water and swirl it around the water became higher in some places and lower in others this was how I can describe the image of this, but I knew in my mind lives were going to be wiped out. I was on the coach and helping people mainly 3 babies reach the top of the bus, I had to get the third baby to safety. The bus was on a road that was going up and around the mountain, and what was going on in the island was getting further away from me with with swirls of water becoming deeper and drained in parts, as the higher we goat on the mountain the more we was achieving safety. Then I woke up and felt really sad that something bad was going to happen and I may not see my two boys again or be able to protect them from something happening and felt the strong need to be with them to all be together when we pass but they both live in different places to each other and us their parents. ?? What is the meaning of this?
2014-03-27 05:20:25
2014-02-26 19:48:36


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