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meeting my boyfriends parents
2015-02-06 00:32:52
Maigan and I were working, like normal, and we ended up arguing about something (idk what). Big time fight. Huge argument, to the point where I walked out and quit my job. A few months later, I decide to come back to campus to visit, mend fences, what have you. When I get there, I find out that things have changed. Whatever we were arguing about, the argument that Maigan won, was apparently over making some sort of decision. When Maigan took your decision to the higher ups, they disagreed so much that they had fired her. So the day goes on as I'm visiting campus, and out of the blue, she ends up coming to campus to visit too. But she isn't there to mend fences. Maigan just wants to see the students. Somehow, we get roped into attending a meeting with Sarah, Deb, Rich, etc., and they rehash the whole thing, and validate that I was right, she was wrong, but they wish neither of us had been led to leave over it. So we get our jobs back. But there is an unspoken animosity. About a week later, Coozy comes to visit. He and I are chatting when we are abducted. When we awaken, we are in a giant hall/room where this evil king-like dude tells us we have to solve puzzles or he'll kill us. He's gathered everyone to watch and cheer us on or see our deaths. So, the entire student staff is there, Rich is there, Maigan, the higher ups, etc. During the first round, Coozy is useless and tries to run away. I end up solving the puzzle last minute to stay alive. After getting a few more, it gets to the final round. If I win, I live. Otherwise, the axe. Everyone is on edge, scared that I might not make it. But she is just there, cold shouldered and disinterested. I end up winning. I'm ecstatic, jumping up and down, celebrating, starting to hug people. People come to hug me. She just looks over, kinda disappointed, and leave. I went after her and we chatted for a minute, but despite my attempts to fix things, Maigan was very sharp-tongued and stormed off.
2015-01-17 07:28:59


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