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Yellow butterflies
2013-01-17 07:57:09
Driving home from Cleveland (Where my Grandmother lives) I notice a tall blue flame in my mirror so I stop the vehicle and get out to see what it is. Just as I step out a large explosion and the vehicle of someone else flies past me on fire with the occupants trapped inside. Upon noticing a group of people on the other side of the highway, I run over to them to ask if they know what is happening to which they responded that the did not. A short while later an older professional looking woman tells us that a crazed man with several hundred pounds of volitale chemicals has detonated his vehicle at the state line and there is an ungodly number of people dead or dying and that the military and police are traveling down the road performing mercy killings. I decide that I need to leave quickly so I get in my vehicle and speed off. As I do I call my mother to tell her that I am driving home as quickly as I can and that I lover her, I call my fiance but do not get an answer so I leave a message for her telling her the same. As I hang up the phone I notice a road block of military vehicles and I try to ram my way through to no avail. My vehicle stopped completely a large angry looking soldier reaches through the broken glass of my car, grabs me by the shirt collar and begins pulling me through the window. In a last ditch effort to save my life I reach for the pistol under my driver's seat, point the muzzle at the soldier and squeeze the trigger........this is where I woke up.
2012-12-23 08:11:01


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