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I was working with this other girl (girl A) , we got really close and suddenly another friend (girl B) came and tell me that she has passed away. I was so sad and the two of us cried together, hugging each other. She left and I was alone. We were stationed outside a house with a open *****e in front of the house. A little boy called me from inside (or something like that), I went in. But then when I came out, the station outside that house was gone and there were cars/vans all preparing to leave. I don't know how but the next scene was me going back home with some friends (that I know in real life) but they didn't talk to me, they only talked among themselves. And then the next scene was me getting a pedicure in a corner shop which was really cramped. And I have no idea what the lady drew for me because I didn't even look at it after it's done. I also dont remember paying for it. The next scene was me going for the girl A's funeral. I was in a black two piece off shoulder romper and had a small black sling bag together with black thin strap wedges. There, I don't remember seeing her family members. I just remember I was really sad and cried, I even got her the exact of what I wore but in white. I stood in front of her picture ( or coffin? I cant remember) but I told her that if we had the chance I would like to meet her again in the next life and I hope that we would be good friends for a really long time. I told her that she was like an elder sister that I've never had (i'm the eldest at home with 1 younger sister) I also told her why I gave her those items, which was because now she's going to heaven so she should dress like an angel and I hope she'll be happy there. Again, I repeated the part about how nice it was meeting her and wanting to even be her sister the next life. Then I woke up feeling really emotional and teary
2014-10-09 18:41:52


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