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The dream began with me sitting in my class listening to the professor’s lecture. It was the last class of the day and everybody was tired. At last, it was time for the class to finish but the professor kept teaching. When my classmate told the professor that it was time for the class to finish, he turned around and said rudely that he knows when to finish teaching and also we shouldn’t bother him with it. After teaching for another five minutes he left the class, and everybody hurried outside as it was time for busses to leave. I ran to my locker as I didn’t want to miss my bus. Since the locker was far away from my class, it took me time to reach there. There was a lot of hustle bustle around as everybody was rushing. I stuffed all the papers from my locker in my bag as I was in hurry. But when I turned around there was *****ody in sight. The school was empty and there was dead silence. I was scared because just a moment ago there were so many students around. However I gathered up all mu courage and went outside. I saw a bus in the parking lot but *****ody was sitting inside. Thinking that it was the school bus I sat in it. Soon I realized that it wasn’t the school bus but it was too late. The bus took me to a place which was very dark and misty. I got down and started crying, suddenly somebody tapped on my shoulder and called my name. I woke up abruptly realizing that I had been daydreaming during my history class and my friend was tapping on my shoulder trying to wake me up. Feelings:
2013-09-28 05:11:38


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