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I'm walking in a desert with a group of friends. we are trying to find shelter for the night. we find shelter amid go to bed. when I wake up, I find myself in a warehouse sitting at a desk with the chair on the other side in the shadows. a man(i cannot describe him because I could not see him, I only know he had a deep masculine voice) walks up and sits in the chair. he then proceeds to tell me that he has Jessica (the girl I like) and that he will not let her go unless I help him with a schemes. I curse him out and scream at him to let her go, but he wouldn't. so I reluctantly agreed to help him. the masculine man then proceeds to put me with his finest henchmen to do the scheme. we robbed a store(don't know what we took.)late at night. but I received an anonymous note in my pocket telling me the supposed exact location of where they took Jessica. so I darted across rooftops completely forgetting about the scheme. I approached a bar and opened the door, only to find Jessica, on the floor, very pale, bruises all over her body, some scratches, and she was crying. I was so shocked and petrified at seeing this, I flashed(ran the fastest I ever ran) to her and sat down next to her and pulled her into my arms. I started to comfort her by telling her that it's ok and that I'm here now. I started crying due to her condition. then one of the henchmen found us. he aimed his gun at me and before he could pull the trigger I threw a pocket knife at him which caught him in the throat. he fell to the floor dead. Jessica then began to tell me to never leave her side. I told her that I wouldn't. then I took her to my group of friends that were hiding in a cave near our location. we talked about movies. after that I woke up from my dream.
2012-10-14 10:18:38


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