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It was a terrible organization. Courtney Jarmush was in charge of it all. Isabelle picket said Courtney was screaming at someone on the bus so Isabelle asked. Courtney threatened her that if she didn't help get it going she would kill her. Was supposed to go drama meeting. Saw Alaina Kahn. White shirt turquoise pants. Christy was in bathroom In banquet dress. Talked to her. She warned me but i was too afraid to listen i was so tense takjing to her i was listening but not hearing her words. Cims was md people were late. Was in elevator with Jake penrods dad and others when someone tried to shoot me. Escaped for a while. Was in dixons room when the music came on. The music came on to scare us but it was peaceful music. but it meant they were coming to get us. They would take random people. I hid behind the desk. They walked by. About to take someone else but I said no please take me don't hurt them. They took me captive . I was only one they took that time. Walked me through delchers room and I was crying because other people were being hit and I was begging to let them go. and delcher just told me to shut up stop disrupting class. Have to talk to leah white have to talk to her. Thoughts in my dream And and conscious head. (Probably cause I was supposed to call her before bed but never did) Survived for a while. Went to their hut. Bridget lindsay was bad and so was Aly Julian. Bridget magenta hair aly dark red. I I was with Veronica Olsen. Bridget asked me if I had been given a knife to cut myself. Because they made you do that. and I said I don't do that anymore id get in trouble. ad so then she told the person holding me to do away with me since i didnt listen. I felt myself being killed. Head cut off. The scary part. Who killed me? i knew who everyone else was but her or him. . Everything returned to normal. Shelby Janicki messaged me saying she missed me so much. I couldn't respond. I typed. Message did not send. At this time point I tried to wake myself up from death started to open my eyes(in real life too) but failed. My subconscious wanted to see more even tho my real life self was getting hurt. I was still in school but *****ody could see me. I was walking with Brandon Kolb but he couldn't hear me. I was gone. People were sobbing. Mourning. I yelled why didn't you pay attention to me when I was alive!!! And they disnt hear what i said yet they cried louder!! And I said I'm sorry I didn't mean it I'm right here look at me I'm right here. But *****ody heard.
2013-06-20 15:52:06


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