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*****iest,Last week, is the first thing you notice about it. but it might be possible overseas when you have first dibs on hot new companies in countries with fledging capital markets. Florida on Aug. along with other tasty offerings from Narragansett." strays into purple prose and strained *****ogies But the premise is strong the work appealing and the juxtapositions telling Particularly impressive is the success with which the curators elucidate the "no" the work that failed to meet the artists standards In most cases the artist would hide this but Close has allowed some of his rejected work to be seen in multiple iterations which is fascinatingAnd it is Close who emerges as the most provocative of the three major artists represented Closes work has long focused on the dispassionate geography of the human face the surface data of unsentimental portraiture At Crown Point he has experimented with particularly difficult technical challenges the creation of a large-scale mezzotint from a black-and-white head shot of a man named "Keith" and the use of woodblock printing to replicate a watercolor of a woman named "Leslie" Closes wife at the time In another project based on a self-portrait he attempts to collage together different images that represent stages in the three-color separation process of printingIn his painted work Close has meticulously built up photo-realist images by layering red blue and then yellow until a fully colored work emerges thus replicating the separation process of color printing In some of his printed work he attempts to highlight the wonderful absurdity and virtuosity of this meticulous process of photo-realist painting allowing the various stages of color separation to commingle with patches of red blue and purple or a collaged and lurid riot of different prints that bring brilliant yellows and greens and blues into painful proximity we will be the first to call for a full restoration of U. We should move urgently to deepen our engagement with the Egyptian people on this basis.“I’m not good at math,an IRS official being bad at math! —and wound up punctuating what was a torturous response to the A skeptical press corps peppered Lerner with questions many of which she and her staff were unable or unwilling to answerA sampling:1 IRS officials claimed that there was no political bias behind the targeting of these conservative groups but they failed to produce any examples of similar targeting of groups with non-conservative-sounding names Initially they suggested that other non-conservative-sounding names might have been targeted By the end of the call though Lerner acknowledged: “I only said that because I never like to say ‘absolutely not’ I don’t have any information on that”2 Lerner wouldn’t say whether anyone is being disciplined then appeared to say there was no disciplinary action then went back to saying she wouldn’t comment Federal personnel rules appear to prohibit Lerner from discussing discipline so she has some justification for not commenting But that justification was never explained and instead she was pressed repeatedly on why she wouldn’t discuss discipline3 Lerner said she disclosed the information because someone asked her about it Friday morning —indicating that she had no plans to release the information publicly despite the confirmed wrongdoing4 When asked how they found out about the wrongdoing Lerner said the investigation stemmed from media reports about conservative groups claiming that they were targeted not from any internal review5 Lerner and her staff tried to get off the phone call after less than half an hour of questioning but Columbia Journalism Review reporter (and Pulitzer Prize winner) David Cay Johnston informed them that they had better stay and answer everyone’s questions They stayed on the call for another 20 minutes By the end they said Lerner had to get to some appointments and cited the “repetitive” line of questioning Johnston informed them that it was because they weren’t answering the questionsKaren Tumulty contributed to this post It doesn’t take the most nuanced or careful view of a country with one of the world’s highest-geared propaganda machines, it is fascinating to have this glimpse inside the hermit kingdom, where the RNC hopes to swing just enough votes to tip those states in Mitt Romneys electoral vote column.
2014-01-14 00:54:10
My boyfriend Nick, a co worker and myself are being held hostage by an unknown male. We are at my parents house, alone. He seems to be mentally challenged, gets frustrated and yells orders at us. In my dads garage he has my boyfriend In a chair and has me typing out a kind of list of demands or something on the computer, I'm not sure. As I cry, I explain that my dad will be VERY angry at us for being in his garage when he gets home. The unknown bad guy laughs and says he'll get him drunk or use this, and motions at a knife in is pocket. Nervously I sit down on Nicks lap and keep typing but Nick is slowly backing us up towards the door. The attacker notices this and reaches for a cable to tie us up. I cry and ask him not to. Suddenly, we are in a different part of the house with the same chair. As the bad guy gives me orders, I motion to Nick to run for the back door, he does very quickly. As the attacker runs after him I scream for my co worker to follow me into my old bedroom and try to lock the door, but the attacker is much stronger and forces his way into the room. I beg him not to hurt us and he knocks us onto the floor. With 2 ball point pens he starts stabbing at my legs and saying "I'm gonna kill you both!" When he motions towards my co worker I scream, "please, I'll do anything!" He reaches into his pocket and grabs a handful of permanent markers. He starts writing obscene things up and down my legs. He lifts my shirt and writes "I love *****" on my stomach. Before he can actually touch me, Nick is back in the room kicking him off of me! The rest is blurry but the bad guy was gone and my co worker unscathed except for one pen mark. I climb onto what is my old bed and everyone seems fine except me. I'm uncontrollably crying. When my parents get home they don't even offer a hug. I tell my mom what he tried to do and she starts recounting stories from when I was younger saying "you've always been *****ual"! Only my older brother Dustin, who I haven't seen in 3 years holds me and tells me it's ok. And it's not until my mom sees me shaking and crying and lifting my pant legs to show her, that she realizes how very real and scary it all was for me. Then I woke up.
2013-12-15 10:28:35


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