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I had a nightmare that the guy I have a thing with and I were in the army, but he had a *****y girlfriend. All of us and our crew would hang out in the basement of someones house. And his girlfriend was being rude, so I got up to leave, and she said to him, "You're her commanding officer, aren't you going to tell her not to leave?" I said no words, just packed up a certain bag and came back and said, "I am not leaving, just moving my stuff." I was upset and went outside and he followed. Then flash forward. Our crew was hanging out in a basement, where we all hung out and some of our crew would go into another area. They did weird stuff. It flashed to them like wearing peoples faces, using knives, and laughing as they ate these people. Then it flashed back and one of the guys came into the room we all chilled in, he was covered in blood holding a gun and shaking saying, "Man we got into some weird *****, I don't know what to do." Then a zombie thing came out of his stomach and burst threw him and tried to attack. And the guy I have a thing with got his gf in the dream and I out of there. Then I was flying a plane with her for us to escape and she some how crashed the plane. On the ground were tons of zombie like creatures, and one normal person tried to help us by sending us into this building. They closed it from the other side and there were zombies everywhere in the building. Some sitting down and some not. In the middle was a revolving door and the person had said that would be our safe zone. So we ran into there and some nurse like zombie with half a face crawled down from the ceiling and we were pretty much stuck in this revolving door area and apparently I kept trying to press pause but the zombies would still be coming at us. So finally instead of running I let it attack me and just kept saying, "It's just a dream, it's just a dream," until I woke up.
2014-01-21 03:00:06
It started out with me at a party, and then skipped ahead to me getting into a car with some strangers. We kinda became friends and went to a haunted house together. Then I remembered that I needed to get home to my little brother. So I left and walked home to where my little brother was (which I do not have a little brother in real life). Our dad was out so I had to babysit. He kept going out into our back yard where there was this creepy old shed. In the shed there was a mower and other yard tools there were a few sharp objects hanging around. Well my brother and I, for some reason, were trying to get something out of the shed. When my brother went in I heard screaming and ran outside to see what was wrong. There was a white face in the window with wild red hair. It was a demon. I ran into the shed and fought to get my brother out. I was climbing to the top of the shed to get something from off the shelf when I heard a noise.. There was an old tux hanging up in the shed and all the sudden my brother was wearing it. He started walking out of the shed all weird like. So I ran after him. I knew he was possessed. So when I got to him I spun him around grabbed him by his elbows and commanded that the demon leave him in the name of Jesus Christ. My brother then went limp in my arms. After a few seconds he woke up and was fine. For some reason I left my shirt in the shed and felt that I needed to get it. When I walked back to the shed to get it I heard my brother scream "NO! HE"S STILL THERE!" I looked threw the window and there was that demon. I started walking into the door and looked around to see if he was still there but he wasnt. I then turned around and took my brother to my room told him to pack because we were leaving and staying somewhere else that night.
2013-10-04 07:15:52
I moved into a house (with the boys and there sister, my step daughter). The house was a one story house with a basement. I was in my bedroom, in bed, when Ramius and his sister walked in my room. My bed high above the floor in at angle... It was like a loft style bedroom, with a vaulted ceiling about 12ft. and I was at the very top. They telepathically told me something was in the house and they needed me. I go with them, walking the hallway from my room toward the rest of the house... The kids and I could sense movement and heard the ghost but could not see it. I commanded in the name of Christ I for the ghosts to show themselves... The ghost grabbed a white shirt I had (It belonged to my ex Grace) to put on showing its silhouette as it went toward a 100 year old rocking chair I have... (i do own it) She sat in it and appeared. I nor the children were afraid. The woman was veiled from her forehead back in white and pink fine linens around her body, a dress... She gave a sense of royalty. She spoke to me/us of things... she informed me the house was haunted, that there were 3 ghosts. I asked her if there was a psychic among the ghosts that could help me and she said 'no'... There was no one of them like that. My ex husband showed up to bring Marcus and he was the only one who reacted saying Oh Hell No! Marcus seemed ok. I felt *****ually aroused suddenly... I excused myself back toward my room. On the way down the hall toward my room I found the basement door to my right. Suddenly another ghost opened the door.It was young man-ghost who was dark skinned like an Aztec but was more Caribbean looking. He was wearing a sports jersey, royal blue and jeans, he was tall and said "what's up" like he hasn't seen me in forever... He walked toward the rocking chair, talking to the kids, the lady in white gone. At the door the third ghost appears, a woman dressed as nun from an earlier christian period, she was short, busty, wearing a mask of a Happy Buddha. No ghost went back down, and the last two spoke to the children only.
2013-09-03 17:32:46


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