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I am a 21 year old man settled in USA and doing college, I was born and raised up in India until I turned 18. I had a dream last night, actually I woke up just 30 mins ago. I saw my one of the best teachers in my dream, she was my Malayalam language teacher from 3rd grade to 8th, I really liked and respected her because I never seen that much teachers like her with a positive mentality of teaching. After 8th grade I changed my school, next four years, I was in another school. I came to USA 3.5 years ago, so I haven't see her for last 7.5 years. May be I have thought about her in between, but not for last one year, and I am sure. Here is the dream and it was pretty disturbing for me.....I went to India for a visit, I was in the school I believe (in a second floor, I really don't know exact place), lots of students were around me, and one of my best friend was also with me (this best friend was not her student, I saw him after my 10th grade, I don't know why he came there) . Teacher saw me, she looked at me and start memorizing or thinking, and I told her that I was her student and classes. Disturbing and disgusting part was that - there was some kind of growth wide spread on her both forearms, her forearms looked like cactus plant or even worse. I walked down to first floor, and saw even more disturbing part, I saw same growths under her both breasts ( I really don't know how I saw that, she was wearing proper dress. I don't know if breast shows some kind of *****ual thing. I promise, I considered her like my mother). After that, I saw her using some kind of liquid medicine on her arms, as soon as she massage with that liquid, the growth went away, but restarted again, actually she was showing this to the students or people around her, and explaining about it. This dream felt so real, and even after I woke up, I felt like I just watch a movie. I would like to know an explanation....why I saw her, what was that disgusting disease, or what does it mean, medication.....please only serious answers.....................thanks in advance....
2014-01-15 04:49:39
2014-01-04 02:49:23
I got HIV disease in my dream
2013-11-25 19:26:40
Sexual disease
2013-11-15 02:59:44
Having transmitted disease
2013-11-15 02:57:10


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