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It was prom but in university and also graduation and also New Years. Aaron was meeting me at the hotel. As a class we went out to dinner first and then we had to rush back to the hotel to get ready. But all of a sudden I was the only one who wasn't ready. I hadn't changed into my gown and hair or makeup. We were in hotel rooms with other people on the class. Girls I didn't really know. I didn't have a hotel key so I was running around frantically trying to find them. I found one of the girls I was staying with and she gave me the key. I had to run up many flights of stairs that seemed endless. I get to the floor but I don't remember the room number. I receive many texts from Aaron asking where I am. At this point it's like I'm watching this happen so the vision goes to Aaron standing in a lobby holding flowers for me looking really nice in a suit but he also looks worried. I tell him that I am just trying to find my room to get changed and shower. As i turn a corner in the hotel there's a girl standing next to the fire alarm with a walkie-talkie of someone counting down. I know what she's about to do and I don't understand why. Everyone in my class seems to be in on it but me. I plead with her to not pull the alarm. And I'm trying to text Aaron to tell him what's about to happen but the texts won't go through. The alarm gets pulled and the sprinklers go off. For some reason I am all dressed and prepared for the event and it all gets ruined but the water. everyone runs up the stairs to the roof. In the crowd I can see Aaron he looks furious. At the top of the roof there is a slide in which we need to go down to get off on the building. I finally reach the slide and we slide into Disney world where the party actually is. People are laughing and dancing and having a great time. I spot Aaron standing in the middle of the dance floor and he just looks like he's about to kill someone. His beautiful suit is just ruined from the water. Before I can say anything the says why didn't you tell me. I wouldn't have come if you know this was going to happen. I tried to explain that I didn't and said that I was really really sorry even though I had nothing to do with the fire alarm and the sprinklers being set off. I try to convince him that it's not all that bad. We have full access to Disney land, we can go inside and change and come back out and enjoy the park. He says no and storms off and I was left alone in the middle of the dance floor.
2013-10-13 07:44:35


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