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I was at a party with my girlfriend and friends and we were playing cards with Eastern European gypsy old ladies. I didn't know how to play and every time it was my turn, they would laugh at me, but in a nice way. To my left was my girlfriend and to the right was my ex-girlfriend. Every time my ex walked past me she would pinch me or pull my hair, so my girlfriend was starting to get annoyed and left. I eventually left to go find her and ran into my friend who wanted to introduce me to this guy in a band but I was too focused on finding my girlfriend to really speak to him. When I found her, she was in bed and angry with me, wearing a chastity belt. Next, I was walking in a park that looked like a mix between the Parisian Monceau and Luxembourg parks with my girlfriend, brother and friend. We were smoking a joint. When my friend smoked it, he would take two steps then exhale like a dragon, sending a huge puff of smoke into the air. Then my mom came and laughed at us and asked if we need a ride home. On the way to the car, my brother and mom crossed a bridge over a really deep but clear river with huge goldfish in it. The bridge was really rickety so my girlfriend and I decided we don't want to cross it, and went around another way. We turned around to go the other way and had to walk up a hill where we passed a big sandstone building where the Sacre Coeur was, but now it's not the Sacre Coeur. My girlfriend and I were walking up the steps of the building and there was a really proper English woman giving etiquette lessons to two little girls who weren't listening and just running around, playing with a lamb. We walked close to them to another building. As we walked around the building, we encountered an African tribe. The members were all holding tupperware full of tomato sauce. A little kid in the tribe dropped his tupperware and the sauce went everywhere right as we walk past him. There was an awkward silence and then he started shouting and apologizing in an African language. Then a few other people threw their tupperware down and started shouting, in a way to say it's okay to the kid. We started to help the kid clean up but we weren't sure if that was okay, and if he was supposed to be doing it himself, but we help him anyway.
2013-07-18 17:22:19


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