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My morning cough medicine induced Dream. I am off to go and buy something, i can not remember what, and Jerry asks me to return a microwave to Family Dollar. it right down the street so I say yes. I walk in to the Family Dollar and they are happy to take it back but they are out of cash and need the receipt. I reach in my pocket and pull out a ton of receipts but can't find the one I need. i reach back in my pocket and finally find it. the chatty salesgirl is processing the order and i am looking around the store. someone drops all of this money and i start picking it up for them but there is more and more money. i finally get it all and they leave but i end up with a dollar. the sales girl finally finishes the return and i am off as a different sales lady with big blonde hair and tight white pants is carrying the microwave to a storage shed behind the store and yelling something to me about the water hose. I am off on my errand to purchase what I can't remember and on the way back pass a small house where Karen Etter lives and I yell hello to her on the way past and she yells hello back. then suddenly I am walking through these very elaborate hallway following a guy and 2 girls. We suddenly come upon a large swimming pool where there is a Drag Aquacade going on with tons of drag queens in big hair and sequin bathing suits swimming and lip sinking in the pool. the show is being hosted by David Angerer who has his hair back and is sitting in a large green life guard chair i try to get his attention but he is to busy being fabulous. I continue through the crowd and back into the hallways following the guy and 2 girls we come to spot where we can go either right or left the cute guy goes left and I the girls go right I of course choose to follow the cute guy duh! we pass these doors looking into a ballroom decorated sumptuously with small fire pit centerpieces. I look down and I am now carrying my purchase and a couple of professional cameras. i finally get to the lobby where is see Chuck Scalise dressed n an elaborate Cheshire Cat costume and Brandon Schwabenbauer dressed in and elaborate Tweedledum costume they both have handsome escorts similarly dressed and tell me they are going to a ball. I tell them I saw the room and it looks amazing. I continue out of the hotel and walk to where I am staying and it's the Belagio I enter the hotel and make my way to the elevators, None of this looks like the real Belagio as I have only been there once. i get to the elevators and there are only 2. I am staying in room 738 so I have to get on the elevator on left. I enter a very rickety elevator with this girl who is fighting with her mother on her phone. the elevator does not meet the floor and you have to crawl in. we press the buttons and the elevator tries to lift but doesn't. then it starts to lean to my side, of course, so we both move to the middle. it still tries to lift and through a plastic panel on the front of the elevator a latin attendant is yelling at us trying to tell us what to do but we can't here her. My claustrophobia is starting to set in and I think I am going to lose it when I wake up.
2013-04-23 08:03:00


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