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I was going to get my daughter Krystle at a girl’s house. I had my car, purse and my dog. When I get their no one is there at first and then my daughter shows up and tells me she thinks something has happened to the girl who lives there. I start looking around and there is no blood but her purse is there and it looks like it holds a fetus. The next thing I remember two men show up and they are messed up on drugs and/or drinking asking where this girl is. I tell them I do not know. Next thing I remember is calling the police and two female officers show up looking around and questioning everyone. Then they start hounding this one guy. Next, my mother and sister show up and we are riding in a car with this same man who tells her you won’t know what kind of music I listen to until you pass my house. We pass his house and she hears country music coming from a house in which he is dropped off. Next we are back at this house and Autumn my niece comes in yelling at me to leave then she goes down stairs and starts tearing cables and wires off of someone’s car. I never see her again in the dream. Next me and my daughter are at a neighbor’s house talking to a few old ladies and somehow I ended up with one of their wallets and lost my dog. Next I am at another house where my Aunt Willie lives and she is telling me that Marty my other cousin has passed away and he is laying in her bed. I walk in the room yet it is not Marty but his sister Tina who is alive. Aunt Willie is really dead in life. Next I am at this old bar looking for my dog, when another dog decides to go with me so I take him. I remember me and my daughter are still looking for my dog when he finally shows up. I leave the other dog and take mine. I went back to my car and me and my daughter went back to the old lady’s house to switch wallets. Next we are outside and the same guy that was talking to us earlier came up trying to get us to drink with him. I told him to go away. Next another guy jumps in our car trying to show us how to make my stereo work better, I told him to go away also. Next I am back at the girl’s house when I find her sleeping in her bed. I tell her that I thought she had died, but she assures me she is fine.
2016-11-13 15:11:07
My daughter who is 14 and I were kidnapped and brought to a house that I remember being a childhood friends home. There was a man there that had become angry with me so he took out this small gage pistol and shot me in the forehead (off to the left side a bit), with my daughter standing there witnessing the whole thing. This dream was so vivid I can still remember the burning/stinging sensation in my skull when the bullet went in. I can taste the metal and feel the warmth of the blood trickling down the side of my head. I fell backwards onto a mattress that was laying on the floor. My daughter ran to my side obviously screaming and crying. I can remember laying there thinking "I can't die, I can't leave her here alone in this situation, I have to survive, get us out". I finally came too and softly whispered to her that I was in fact not dead but we had to pretend I was, she would need to cover me as if I was a lifeless body laying there. We did this for Nealy 3 days until late evening on the third day I was able to sneak us out of this house when the man was asleep and make it to the street where a passer-by picked us up and took us to local police station. I proceeded to tell the officer what had happened. He refused to believe me. I even showed him my wound which looked at this point like a severe burn a tad bit bigger than a pencil eraser but still soft and mushy in the center where the bullet had gone through the skull. It was at this point I woke up, in a cold sweat. Soooo please can someone explain why this was so vivid a d what these things all symbolize.
2016-09-12 12:25:44


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