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I spent the first half of my dream organizing my room, which was split into two, my tv in the first half and a mirror/dresser in the second half against the far wall and my bed split between the two rooms so I could still see both tv and mirror. I spent what felt like hours in this dream organizing small items into a variety of *****es and confines within my room (which was red like my current room). Then I went to join my sister, her friend, and my friend as they had been drinking/partying during this time in what is my backyard in the dream. It was set up like a courtyard or a opening in the wood with just the tops of houses in the distance. They were busy setting up the area so my sisters friend could release her yellow bird from its cage, which looked like a goldfinch. When she released her goldfinch I was the first to see the eyes and outline of what turned out the be a lynx which traipsed in and snagged the goldfinch in his/her mouth and ran off into the wood, to return moments later when the lynx went to bite/snag my dog in his/her mouth as well, I then stepped on the lynx and captured it in a plastic bag where it continually clawed at my arms for hours as everyone insisted I release the lynx. My aunt and I insisted on bringing the lynx to the vet to discuss possibilities of releasing it in another area or euthanizing it (which is not a usual waking thought of mine). She gave me a wallet which was almost the size of a suitcase and i began sewing up the suitcase so the lynx could no longer scratch up my arms. We arrived at the vet parking lot where I knew the lynx had somehow released the goldfinch because I could hear it singing.
2015-03-06 19:50:51
I remember taking care of my grandmother at her house. The house in the dream was perfect down to every detail. (she is dead in real life) In the dream I was feeling burdened by having to care for her so i hired a Maid. When the Maid arrived for some reason we was on the floor taking care of my grandmother, I can't recall why she was on the floor, but I do recall the Maid saying she wasn't getting paid enough for this and she started to complain. Then I got up and asked her if she wanted juice, water or "syrup". When I got to the kitchen there was none there and I began to get afraid don't know why but I ran out the house. I remember running out the kitchen to go outside when I got to the porch I heard gunshots and saw bullets go through the front door coming from behind me. I continued to run to the police station that was across the street from her house. There was no cars when I crossed the street but I was running in a weird way I would run top speed then slow to jog and keep doing it. When I got close to the police station I decided to take a back ally way it was a normal afternoon day at this point and I started to jog.( completely forgot about the gunshots at this point) As I am jogging I see this black cat off in the distance walking towards me so I sped up to top speed me and the cat were running right at each other like we were going to have a collision but at the last second i jump right over the cats head. The cat was attempting to claw at me as I jumped over its head. I felt like I was going to die if it scratched me though. I continue my jog around the police station looking back every now and again to see the cat still scratching at the air. When I got back to the front of the police station I saw two cops walking German shepards one woman and I can't remember the ***** of the other one but I only spoke to the woman. They were friendly I told the woman how much I loved German shepards and how I used to have one but lives far away. And I remember her talking but not listening but looking at the German Shepard she was walking. We walked across the police station for a while together the whole tome the background for the dream was the street in front of the police station.when we walked to the ally that I ran down earlier the other cops dog ran off cause it seen the cat from earlier in the ally. But the cat just disappeared and the cop was yelling for his dog to come back. When we got back to my grandmother street i remember smiling at the cop and saying goodbye, and her telling me how she sells German shepards and I should take her card and call her if I needed one. I took the card but was unsure about it. The continued to walk down the street and I continued to walk back to my grandmothers. I noticed my mom and sister when I looked away form the cops going to my grandmothers house and I got immediately afraid and began to sprint towards them yelling "don't go in!!!!". When I caught up to them they was on the bottom step to the porch. I told my mom there was gun *****s in the house after I left and she shouldn't go in. She still walked up the porch and opened the porch door. I grabbed her again and said we need to leave they still might be inside she looked at me and looked back at the cops who were still walking the dogs farther away up the street. When she opened the house door I pushed her against the wall and told her don't move the killer is still inside we need the cops. The dream brought me back to the street were the porch door closed by itself everybody was gone but me. When the porch door closed my grandfather was crucified to the porch door completely naked with a additional nail in his neck. He was mumbling something but I couldn't understand. There was writing all around him but I couldn't read. I was staring and then I woke up huffing and puffing. Thank you for reading and I hope you can help me figure out what this means. I don't dream and this was very strange.
2014-12-15 03:04:28


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