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Went to my boyfriend's house in Philadelphia, PA. for a party with all of his friends. There was a lot of synchronized dancing and everyone was having a great time except for me. I didn't even get a chance to talk to him. He finally came and asked how I have been doing because he knows I've "been having some issues" which made me angry and we still didn't even really get to talk about anything. Some of his friends were feeding one of their dogs alcohol which I thought was stupid. His friends were dancing a lot more and the dog became really sick. I investigated the dog and I yelled at the friends for being so careless. I started to take care of the dog and noticed it needed water. I became scared when I lost the dog under the table but found him again. The dog's tongue then fell out of it's mouth. I grabbed the dog's tongue and tried to put it back into its mouth but the dog became very sick and pale. The dog died right in front of me and it's head fell off. One of the friends took me outside and I began to cry uncontrollably. I went to talk to my boyfriend again but we were distracted by an audition that was happening inside his house. We went into another room upstairs and were interrupted again because someone was asking us for money. Then I was in a movie theater asking for popcorn and talked to my coworker who informed me that she used to work at AMC movie theaters. Next I was on a bus on my way to a club and some girls were telling me that I should drink the red bull that was left over from spring formal because we were somehow still in college. I became angry and wanted to argue with them but I did not.
2013-08-04 12:11:13


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