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In any event, I got out of the building and I was in the huge area with a bunch of really large buildings that were all connected seemingly. The first one I was in looked like a large lobby of a hotel. The ceiling was really high and it looked like Greek or Roman architecture...most of the buildings did for that matter. There didn't seem to be many walls though and just a few people in the lobby. Then passing thru the lobby I came to a large park. Not really a park becuase it looked like it was inside the building. There were only walls on the three sides not the one I had come in from. There were rows and rows of seating where I came in and then the lake then a large area where there were 5 people putting on a concert with harps....yeah harps. To the left was another wall with other stuff...people sitting and some art on the wall that was like roman theater type old. Then I realized that I had a bottle of wine and a subway sandwich and you were there. You were wearing a yellow shirt and some kind of a skirt. Don't ask me why I know it was yellow because you're not supposed to see color in your dreams and I don't remember actually seeing color. No matter. So, we started to walk around the left side of the pool that's where I saw the roman theater art and you weren't there. I remember thinking you had gone to find us a place to sit and eat our sandwich. The the band changed to another group with trumpets and stuff. Then I remember this little kid kept following me and hanging on to me. I got a little frustrated, pulled him off of me and threw him into the lake. lolll.... I looked down into the lake afraid that he might drown and he popped up and I pulled him out and told him "quit clinging to me and I won't throw you into the lake". I remember looking into the lake and thinking the water was a nice light blue and deep with a rocky shelf part way down. Not sure why. So, then I started looking for you and couldn't find you. I started back the way I had come and eventually found you. You said that you were looking all over for me too. The weird part was that you had changed your shirt. You had on a black shirt and black and white skirt this time. And you had drank the whole bottle of wine but you still had the sandwich I think.
2013-01-17 08:07:55
my dream started at watching an open air stadium like with so many peoples (they were all over the mountains around due to over capacity of stadium) it was winter and snow had covered all over the mountains I was shocked to see that many people watching. (i don't know what that kind of game/play/match or show was it) the next scene was the end of the game and all people were on their way to exit. and outside was a train/subway station. (which actually was just located within the street!) I saw lots of people trying hard to ride the train. suddenly there was a passenger train at my back I ran so it wont hit me. (I knew after a few meters it will change line so i was safe) but when i looked back again there was another train (freight train) at approaching to me and i was sure this one won't change line because it's not gonna pickup any passengers! all i was able to do was to lie down beside the rails and keep my head safe with my hands, luckily the train was high enough that it barely hit my body. after that there were to boys running toward me and helping me (one of them a little shorter than other) we were best of friends in my dream. (but in reality i really don't know them) we were safe and after running for a while we were in a public are a mall or something. they almost lie down on a couch beside each other and i was sitting next to them trying to catch our breaths. they both were really caring for me but the short one was showing his real feeling towards me with his best, I really knew he had feelings for me but my attention was on the taller boy (I had feelings for him, and it was hurting me to see he is not even a little bit interested on me as a lover rather than being just a friend!) after a short talk the shorter boy left us for few minutes (to grab a water i think). it was the time that I looked to the boy I really liked and bravely asked him "don't you love me?!" that question made him to turn his head to me and look directly into my eye silently, then he noticed a small piece of wood at the back of my thigh (I think i got it when the freight train was passing on top of me) so instead of answering my question he said what happened to my thigh, I told him it was nothing special, but he insisted to check it he was able to remove the piece of wood which was hurting my skin there, then he pressed a clean tissue paper on my skin. when our eyes met again he knew I still was waiting for an answer so he softly said "just because i don't show how I feel for you it doesn't mean that I don't love you." that answer made me smile and happy. then he suddenly was at my back embracing me from back he leaned and his his face was beside mine and our cheeks touching each other which made my smile broader. then the other boy was back; I could see the sadness in his eyes when he saw us in that position because that was the time he knew I had not feelings for him as the way he had for me and we won't be more than friends for each other. and i had to woke up to go to school!
2012-11-20 07:33:42


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