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Okay Il probably cry when I write it but okay. So first the dream was so nice you came to the hotel and your brother was with you too the thing is that you came to my room and then we kissed and we like fell asleep together baby it was so nice but the next day you had to get out of the bed early cuz if not my parents would see you but you were like dont worry ill talk to your dad today. It was a family trip i was with most of my family like cousins and stuff and later that day at night I was talking with you but i was scared because you still didnt talk to my dad so there was a moment were you disappeared and i was with a cousing sitting outside and then all of a sudden jevaughn came and he was just wearing underwear and went to pick his clothes whicj were in the middle of me and my cousin it was like in public and then he was getting arrested and you saw that he was getting arrested and with a small car you went like crazy to stop thr police and you were racing and racing you were so Mad and you crashed and it was a *****ing windy night then you flew and you dont understand how I felt I wanted to catch you and then you fell so hard on the ground so *****ing hard you bumped your head twice on the floor that moment my lifee was over you dont understand I ran over you and told you to stay with stay with me and I was telling baby everything was gonna be okay and you slowly closed your eyes I cried and cried and then in my dream I was gasping for air as I was dreaming and my.last word was panda and then i woke up
2015-03-20 22:23:44


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