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I was going on a journey; to where I don’t know, and found myself at the airport. Just before I presented myself to the check-in desk I felt an annoying lump on the bridge my nose; slightly to the left hand side... like a plook. So I trudged off to the nearest mirror for a look, and discovered the shocking truth. This was no pimple, zit, spot or suppuration of pus that had grown like a mountain to the surface of my skin. Nor was this a teenage bout of acne waiting to be compressed between my pinched thumb and forefinger, exuding a lava that resembled the contents of a squeezy bottle of mustard. But what was it? I had to look closer..... A miniature flower had taken root and bloomed through the surface of my earthly pore. Like a daisy gently bristling in a grassy meddow, the pollen scented aroma of summer surrounded by silken petals bloomed in colour and vibrancy. I began to pick off the petals one by one only to find hidden under each an angry wasp buzzing with rage and torment, including the Queen who sat under the petal at the top of the flower pointing north at 12 o’clock. For fear of being stung I couldn’t touch anymore and had to leave any future ‘weeding’ until after my flight. As my flight landed I found myself in Windsor and a new job. I was working for another Queen, this time Elisabeth I of Scotland and II of England. My job was to help with the smooth running of the upcoming Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan. The job didn’t last and I soon found myself unemployed. Handing back in my Royal page-boy type uniform, consisting of plus fours, white tights, buckled shoes and a thrilly laced shirt, I returned to Mexico. Dejected, starving and struggling for cash I decided, upon advice from a friend, to become self-employed and was soon earning a pittance gift wrapping souvenirs purchased by tourists for their loved ones at home. It wasn’t enough though and my meagre earnings barely stretched to buying a plate of taco soup, rice and beans. But In a weird twist of fate my dream morphed into a strange success story – like the American dream I tweaked my business and moved it lock, stock and two smoking barrels to a gay nightclub. I was now offering a naked gift wrapping service and was rolling in the money.
2018-03-29 13:32:50
White pea*****
2018-03-11 03:40:40
I was in my house with the families of the hockey team is was on and we were playing board games in my moms kitchen and we took a break then we decided to go to a lot across the road to play board games we got a little creeped out at first because there was a really old guy dressed in all white clothing and he was wearing a white mask and then we decided to play boardgames anyway and then this talI white guy in a clown costume walked up and he looked scary and then this guy came up he was wearing all red and was wearing a red mask on and he was really fat and like they just started walking around in circles around us and we got really scared so I pushed the fat guy down the hill but he landed on my mom and almost took her down but then we ran away and went into my house and then we told Stephanie we said we have to Go and we all started running towards my house but I don’t know what happened to Stephanie and her son and me and my mom made it in my house we locked all the doors and like shut all the windows and we looked out there and the clown and the fat guy were walking around I don’t know what happened to the white guy and then we were there and I decided to look out the window again and then they were in the back of the house so I decided to go look and they were hiding behind the brick building and I decide to go get a knife from the garbage can and I fell and went the wrong way and it took me a long time and they start running after me I luckily made it up the stairs and in my house and we locked all the doors then we went into my room and we were in a cubbyhole we locked the door behind us we hid in the back and I woke up
2018-03-04 11:10:08
The dream began with me waking up to a text message on my phone, I wake up and scroll through the notification centre to see a text message from my instructor Ms. Maryam (Interior Design instructor at the time of the dream). The text message said, “I need to see you in my office today”. I jumped out of fear thinking why would she want to meet me after the final exam is over. To understand why she wanted to see me I open banner to check my final grades and surprisingly the final grade was not uploaded, which made me feel more anxious. I wake up and get ready immediately wondering why she wanted to meet me. I wear a blue abaya and a white scarf, and leave for the bus. I remember falling asleep as soon as I go in the bus. I wake up when we reach the university and I feel my heart beating fast. As I get down the bus and as I get closer to her office, I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. I reach near her office and see her office is open, I pray to Allah to make things easy for me, and take a minute to calm myself and knocked her door. I see Ms. Maryam looking at me in a weird way, she looked different than what she usually looks like, she had the same face but she looked shorter, and long arms. She had a pink coat with flower patterns and was wearing blue jeans. She tells me to take a seat, I felt shivers going through my spine. She asks me if I checked banner for the final grade, and I tell her I did and the grade was not uploaded yet. She looked sad and says, “it is because you didn’t get a good grade”. You received an F. She goes on to tell me about her having so much of high expectations on me and it is just not my failure, it is hers too as an instructor. I began tearing up and wake up from my dream.
2018-02-17 08:46:00
Шведские стенки Романа (Romana) Шведскаястенка"Роман" ? это прекрасный домашний тренажер для малышей и взрослых. По умолчанию Название (А - Я)Цена(низкая > высокая)Цена(высокач > низкая) Рейтинг (начиная с высокого) По дате поступления (новые > старые). /shvedskie-stenki Купить турник, брусьявГомелена - большой выбор, лучшие цены. .. Шведская стенка своими руками из металла без сварки чертежи А мастер 2 детский спортивный комплекс Отзыв о Детский спортивный комплексKampferLine . Спортивные комплексы для дачи, шведские стенки в квартиру, детские горки для дома НЕПОСЕДА ЛИПЕЦК. детский спортивный комплекс комета next 1 Шведскиестенкидеревянные: купить шведскую . Шведские стенки от компаении Babygrai . Турник брусья пресс 3в1 настенный разборный модерн Турник настенный купить в спб купчино Шведская стенка для ребенка своими руками: чертеж, фото . Шведские стенкип Ягуар-Спорт Тренажепререкладинанавеснаякниверсальная (нашведскуюстенку). МК-0157 Тренажерперекладинадеревянная (нашведскуюстенку)Изготовлен из фанеры высокого качества т.. Быстрый просмотр. шведская стенка с турником для дома пермь Профессиональные шведские стенки Выссота240см Ширина 70 см Профиль 40/40 мм Толщина профиля 2 мм Расстояние от стены Элементы шведской стенки. Бесплатная доставка по Москве В регионы - скидка 400 руб. /stenki/standart/ Шведскаястенкадлядетейв Иркутске - купить Купить шведскую стенку на улицу в Иркутске. Мы можете купить шведские стенкидляедтских игровых площадок в «Орион Металл». Она занимает минимум места, но приносит огромную пользу здоровью вашему ребенку. Авитро воронеж швкедская стенак для детей Интернет магазин детский спортивный комплекс в квартиру Шведские стенки универсальны,е Спортстенки. . ШведскаястенкадеревяннаяДСБ260х80х14. Купить в . купить детскую шведскую стенку вороьнеж Отзывы компании вШедские стенки (Люберцы) Заказалшведакуюстенкуснавеснымтурникоми скамейкой, также для ребёнка кольца и лесенку. По телефону консультант посоветовал взять другую модель стенкисбольшей прочностью. /reviews?page=2 Экономичный спорт — сборка шведской стенки своимии руками . Скат для горки пластиковый купить Шведская стенка петербург купить ОVD-SportПерсей . Шведские стенки детские - купитьвАрмавирепо выгодной цене Выбирайте из 2053 товвравкатегории шведские стенки детскиевналичии! Доставка: Армавир, Скидки! Goodster знает, где народ шведские стенки детскиевАрмавиредешевле покупает :) /shvedskuyu_stenku_dlya_rebenka/ шведская стенка в ярославле Спортивные комплексы для дома для малышей — купить . JUNIOR шведская стенкадля детей и стенкаVDC- Juniorдля детей и взрослых. Яркая. Качественная. Отличная спортивная стенка для всей семьи. Бесплатная доставка по Украине. Гимнастический комплекс ( шведская стенка ) ВД-Джуниор-шведская стенкаот VD-Sport. стенки для детей и взрослых. Доставка по всей Украине стенкаVDJunior+ бесплатная доставка, цена 2 450 грн., купить в Днепнре — (ID#15830407). Подробная информация о товаре и поставщике с возможностью шведская стенва VD Junior Шведские стеки стенкаЮНИОР ( Junior )- здесь есть ВЁС :). Подробнаая информация о товаре/услугше и поставщике. Цена и условия стенка ЮНИОР (junior)- здесь есть ВСЁ :): купить по стенкас распором пол-потолок и креплением к стене,турник с широким хватом, брусья с подставкой под штангу, скамья для пресса, веревочная лестница, канат, кольцав. Цвет стенка универсальная VD - Junior купить VD-sport. Купить шведскую стенку для детей в квартиру в Минске Детские шведские (спортивные) стенки для дома в Минске. Купить в Минске для детей спортивные шведские) стенки в квартиру легко, если искать с нашим интернет-магазином «Шведские стенки». /shvedskie-stekni-dlya-detey/ Отзыв о Спортивный Комплекс ДСК "Пионер-С4С" для всей семьи Выбор остановили на модели Пионер-С4-Спонескольким хоть и подробная, и со схемами, но не пошаговая. Супруг, правда, сам накосячил, приустаонвкеасломал два анкерных болта, потом докупал и заменял их. 006300 детский спортивный комплекс детские спортивные комплексы для улицы металличесские купить в спб детский спортивный комплекс для дачи маугли 14 шведская стенка романа r8 купить в новосибирске Шведская стенка своиим руками( фото п,ошагово ). Так вот: именно в морозные зимние дни, сидя у товарища в просторном гараже-мастерскоц, греясь у самодельной печки и впоминая о проклятой летней жаре зашёл у меня с другом разговор про то, что было бы неплохо приобрести для сделать шведскую стенку своими руками: чертежи, фото. Шведская стенка купить в Астане у 1 поставщика - Пульс цен Шведская стенка от надежных компаний и поставщиков в Астане, чтобы купить товары, отправьте заказ или напишите сообщение. /price/490137-shvedskaja-stenka Деревяннаяшведскаястенкакупить в интернет Деревяннаяшведскаястенкадлядома— спортпвнаястенкасметаллическким турником, канатом, KARUSSELL подходитдлядеетйивзрослых. /category/derevyannye-shvedskie-stenki/ Три деткиУфа Детские спортивные копплексы для дома и дачи Навесной совмещенный тренажер турник-брусья для шведской стенки «АТЛЕТ». «АТЛЕТ». Купить. Детский спортивный комплекс «ЮНЫЙ АТЛЕТ» эконом. шведская стенка ст одиссей детские спортивные комплексы в красноярске купить шведскую стенку в перми на авито магазин детских стенок шведских Каким узлом привязать гимнастическиекольца- Анс4 . Продажашевдскихстенокв интернет-магазине СПб Санкт-Петербург - не является исключением. В нашем магазине вы также можете обзавестись дополнительныфми снарядами для шведской стенки, чтобы ежедневнеые занятия спортом были наиболее эффективными. Шведская стенка для дома в Челябинске в интернет магазине. Купить стенку в гостиную. Гостиные горкистенкинедорого интернет--магазине Бабаду вы можете купитьшведскиестенкипо цене от 3 290,00 руб. до 17 370,00 с такими «древними» обитателями квартир как столы и стылья, пожалуй, главное место в вашей гостиной занимаютстенки– чуть ли не самые первые многофункциональные системы хранения , турники и пресс-брусья для домашнего Официальное птедставительство в г.Кострома . магазин Спорт (для всей семьи, c агруцзкой 200 кг, по цене Главная. каталог детские спортивные комплексы для дома турник настенный три в одном турник настенный три в одном купить детский спортинвый комплекас дск 1 Упражнеинянашведскойстенкедля мужчин и женщин Упражненияаншведскойстенкеподходят всем, и взрсолым, и детям. Она была специально разработана Пером Хенриком, который преподавал Если вы только начинаете заниматься, болшье времени уделяйте вису, а меньше подъемуногв течение одного-двух месяцев. Шведскаястенка . Купить ... - . Продажа, поиск, поставщики и магазины, цены в идетей. Шведская стенка «Торнадо» white. Правильно ли ставить шведскую стенкувдетскую? Форум . детский спортивный комплекс карусель s1 цвет сине жёлтый сема шведские стенки казань детский спротивный комплекс напольный богатыврь 170 см металл Отзывынаших клиентов Шведскаястенкаусиленная ВКонтакте . Шведские стенкивТомске Продажа Шведских СтеноквТомске! Пункт выдачивТомске: проспект Кирова, 4/1. 8 (952) 882-85-97. WhatsApp. Расстояние между брусьями 58 см. Глубина брусьев 65 см. Цена: 14900 руб. 12890 руб. Уже купиловТомске282 человека.
2018-02-12 15:44:49
I was inside a mall I know, the Dimond Mall specifically, but everything was exaggerated in every single way. Everything was more colorful, it seemed a lot more active than it usually is in real life, and it almost seems a little more retro, like how it used to be in the past. When I walked in, the Safeway/grocery store of the area (which is no longer there) was selling only candy. People in costumes were buying this candy, but it looked like everyone was in the same exact costume. Kind of a mix between a bunny and a jack-o-lantern. Oh, and some had straw coming out, like a scarecrow. I remember one guy who appeared like he worked there had long black hair and he was fixated on me. Totally looked like a "chick" trap from Thailand, though not in costume per say. Just really feminine face for a guy and I think he was trying to get my attention with something on my shirt. I don't recall what was on my shirt. Anyway, I continue on and I see this performance going on. Although it has no audience whatsoever. Wait, I remember a mother and a daughter watching, but that was it. There were young children singing, almost in like a Holiday Christmas type vibe. They all had uniforms on that kind of look like the kid on the Pilot Bread Cracker box and a big TV recording their performance. Most of what I saw was just them singing, but it also seems like a stage across from them had some older kids acting out a scene. I remember that the only way to pass through this performance was by going through the orchestra seat chairs. Each chair had a violin tucked under the leg of each chair and looked like they belonged to others that were not present or playing in the concert. I remember that every violin was white chocolate dipped cookie creme Oreo colored. And of course I weave through all of them just fine until the very last one, which I trip over. I didn't break the violin (at first) when I sat in the chair closest to it and started to correct what I had did. There seemed to be an orchestra teacher in the empty row in front of me. She didn't seem terribly mad at me, and I remember wanting to leave the impression on her that I knew what I was doing. The small violin had a name on it, first and last written on its side. I can't really remember the name but I definitely saw a full name there. I think the first one was either Kevin or Derek. Every time I would try and put the violin in a resting position the teacher she would object to how I had it and made me try again. She blurted out two names of my incorrect positioning. Only one of them I remember, "The Dead Draenei" wtf So I try and make all of this right by putting it exactly as the others. I noticed the violin had five strings (it traditionally has four) and two of them on the left just broke from me handling it. I couldn't remember how to re-string instruments as my teacher in school had always done it for me so I was *****ed. After giving up, I put it back in place and went about my way. It was at this point I remember I needed some certain somethings for my apartment. I went into several stores, and every one had my friend Jason working at each one. Except he looked thinner and older. He also laughed at everything I did around the stores he worked in. Eventually I scored this really small wheeled footstool in one of the stores. It was really low to the ground and I started using it as a skateboard around the mall. I was coming up to some steps in a very particular hallway in the mall that is shaped like it was in real life. There are only four or so steps there. Stacey and I think Kayla (Could have been Krista) were walking next to each other going the opposite way. Either way, they're all *****s. So I squat down low and jump up and over the steps. The footstool thing stuck to my knee and I was able to ollie up over them and land on the footstool and keep going. Stacey looked back and shouted, "Nice!" I replied, "Ain't nothing" and kept rolling over to my destination. The place I went to used to be a type of toy store. In real life, it seems like a cursed spot in the mall. It's always changing into something else, somewhat annually. I forget what it currently is now. In my dream, it was an electronics store like Best Buy or Gamestop, though it looked more of the toy store it used to be. And yes, Jason worked there. So I do this weird behind the leg hackey sack kick to the stool and it shoots out from under my foot and lands face up halfway into a small box next to the front entrance. Jason laughed at me. It was really too smooth. So at this point, the mall was threatening to close. I remember searching fast for what I wanted. Something to do with Wolverine or whatever? The X-Men, I really wasn't sure...just that I vividly knew the cover and thought it was a video game. I panicked as the store was closing and looking hard for this game. Nothing looked like what I wanted. After searching slow and thoroughly and not finding it, I go to the book section directly next to it, and I see a hardback that looks exactly what I'm searching for, but I dismiss it saying, "Nah, it cannot be a book." I remember around here I saw two people I knew and one that was made up. Devin from my high school days whom I still keep in touch with, and Luke from work who recently divorced and left Alaska. The third guy was a totally made up guy was this stocky short but really muscular dude, who to my knowledge doesn't exist in real life. He looked really windburned, having very red and blotchy/bumpy skin that you normally get when you're fair skinned and have worked out. He also at first had some kind of breathing receptacle on over his mouth, which kinda reminded me of Bane but it seemed more box-type cylinder-esque, like a gas mask. Devin and Luke were talking to each other. They don't know each other as far as I know. They saw me and made mention of what I was looking for. I really don't remember what they said, but Luke tried to get my attention to catch up. Instead, I chime into their conversation with a reply that I also really don't remember, but it had like a self-pitiful tone to it. That's when the made-up guy takes the mask off and he says, "Well, can't blame the hot ones for how ugly they are." After that, I placed him as Alissa's ex (though he doesn't really exist IRL) and I knew who he was talking about, and what he meant by it. I followed him out of the store and was trying to regain his attention. Saying "Hey, you're Mike right? You dated Alissa before me?" He spun around while still walking forward and gave me this big handshake, but continued walking. I follow him and I'm getting this friendly brotherly vibe about him and after what he said, I wanted to acquaint myself better. I call him Mike again and he says, "Actually it's Matt." Which makes sense, I always *****ing mistake those two names for each other. Before I know it, he's gone, Devin's gone, Luke's gone, Jason's gone, and I'm outside the store and it's all locked up. I go to retrieve my footstool skateboard and somebody had already taken it to go put it back. Epic fail. That's when I realized I wasn't looking for any *****ing X-Men game. I needed a USB to micro USB cord so I can recharge my prepaid drug dealer flip phone and Tablet in my apartment. Fuck. And I wake up.
2018-01-31 20:13:39


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