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i dreamt about anusuroh
2013-03-15 07:19:30
2012-11-29 08:36:21
Snake coming out my anus
2012-11-13 10:34:20
I had two dreams last night. At this point what I remember is choppy, nevertheless, it's still disturbing. The first dream I remember little of, aside from the beginning and the end. In the start of the dream I was some kind of hot redhead woman, and I was in a school? and there was professor? or some person who held a great deal of respect that people listened to. But he was a complete *****bag who, in my dream was this huge fat guy who was chewing on mushrooms with his mouth open and had three (or more) women sitting right there giving him a ***** while he was lecturing. When I went up on the stage to try and point it out, no one seemed to care/notice/believe me, and the man just groped me and said something to the effect that I want to/should want to be doing what the other women were doing. I was understandably extremely *****ed off and disgusted, and I ran away into another room. It was a conference room nearby, and it was dark and oval-shaped, and Kai (and Neji?) were sitting at the table. Kai was topless aside from bandages around his chest, which seemed to be not-quite doing what you'd think they'd be meant to do. I was me now, and I figured Kai would be very *****ed off at the guy for groping me, so I told him about it. Just then, the guy came in (although now he looked a bit more like a normal human). He went up to Kai, and Kai slapped him, but not very hard. He leaned in and kissed Kai on the lips, and Kai tried to poke his eyes but failed because he was wearing contacts?? The man then took a step back, and Kai motioned for him to come closer. I figured that Kai -must- be very *****ed by now. The man came closer, and I expected Kai to punch him or something. The man kissed Kai again, and Kai just seemed amused and didn't seem to mind. The man was actually Kai's friend or something. Then a bunch of stuff happened, and at the end I had to rescue the school? by riding on a zombie/demon horse with two other people (I think we were the heros and Chel from eldorado or based on them??), but we had to get on its back without its face being able to reach us, or it would eat us. We rode it around and at this point there were many bad and corrupt people who had been exposed to my knowledge that needed to die. I found on minor person who the horse bit the head off of. But then someone good and important? told me to stop, and would not allow me to continue because it was a bad decision(? for some reason). The second dream, I dreamed that there were many people being taken as slaves/POW in a situation similar to the Nazi concentration camps. My sister and I were included in this group. Many of the ones who were in charge of these slaves were extremely corrupt and sadistic. I don't remember if I saw, heard, or read what happened to some of the female slaves, but the atrocities done to their *****s and anuses are still vivid in my mind, and I shall not go into detail here. At this point, I was a (particular)girl (and I was dressed in rags), and logically enough, I was terrified. A man (who I can not remember at this point if it was Kai or my Dad, but it's definitely Kai at the end, and I believe it's Kai to start out with) who had some amount of power and money in the system came to try and rescue me and my sister. The process to get us under his authority for a while, just long enough to help us escape took a couple days. On the second day, there was a man who had black hair, a stern face, a short beard, and a gaze that chilled me. I think I might have dreamed of him before or something to that effect, because I knew he would be trouble. So Kai took charge of me and my sister briefly and got us out of the most dangerous area, but we still were not safe. After this, I was myself and was wearing normal clothes. Some things happened, which I can't remember, but it involved a lot of ducking and hiding and trying to blend in, mainly to avoid that man, who I knew was after us. It was extremely nerve wracking. Finally, Kai took us to a large building where some event or convention was taking place. He told us to wait in a certain place and said that he would be back. I figured he would be back soon, but he was not, and the longer he was away, the more afraid I got, because I knew many important people, such as the man who was after us was somewhere in the building. I saw my great aunt, and in desperation I threw myself after feet and told her my plight, and begged her to help me. She was dressed in a fancy dress, and I knew that she was someone important who would surely have the means to at least make some attempt at helping. I appealed to the fact that we were family, but she turned me down, saying that just because we were family didn't mean she had the means to spare to help me, that it was just unfortunate that the bad lot fell on my sister and I. I knew Kai told us not to wait there, but I was getting very afraid and worried. I walked with my sister to the back of the building on the top floor. There was an open door, and many younger looking people, whom we tried to blend in with. I was still very nervous and afraid. I kept looking for someone that I might know, but there was no one. Then, someone who was in charge of that area said that the doors were to be closed in the next five minutes. No one would be able to go in or out after that. At that point I had a hard choice to make. I didn't want to be trapped half the night in a building where that man was, but I also wasn't sure if being locked out was very smart either. Kai might not be able to find us. Finally, I made the decision to take my sister and go outside. While we were outside, we attempted to make some phone calls on our cell phones. I tried to call Kai to ask him where he was and tell him our situation. The call connected, and Kai said "hello", but then the call dropped and I woke up.
2012-10-02 02:35:02
i dreamt seeing a man anus
2011-12-20 14:22:20


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