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Hello! My name is Hannah. I am 15, and I live in Pennsylvainia, US. A few months ago I had a strange dream and I'm having trouble figuring it out. Before I tell you my dream, you should know that I have an Instagram. Which means that I have friends from other parts of the world. I really only have 2 permanent bestfriends from the internet; Rachael and Gio. The others just come and go. I've known both Gio and Rachael for the same amount of time (10 months) -no they're not stalkers. Kinda hard to hide that for 10 months everyday,and we've skyped-. Anyways, my dream goes like this... My family (mom, dad, brother, sister, and me) went on a vacation to Pureto Rico. We had a little condo there. So, I was making my bed beside the window, and I was getting really excited, and I was changing in front of the window... which is weird because I was doing it on purpose. Anywho... 5 minutes later Gio walks by... and I shout down from the balcony. (It sorta reminded me of Romeo and Juliet), and we meet, but I wasn't nervous or anything. You see I have anxiety, which means I worry about little things like meeting people. But, it was like it was all gone. But anyways he took me to meet his family and they were nicer than he mentioned. You learn a lot in 10 months... And they did tribal dances as well... but the thing is... he lives in New Jersey. He has mentioned that he was Purteo Rican. But his house was like a small white shaq. I seriously have no idea what to think about this dream. Please help.
2013-06-13 00:37:03
My dream takes place in a hotel room roughly 100 floors high and it over looks the strip of Las Vegas. I am surrounded by my mother, in addition to my father’s side of the family. However, none of my other siblings are present, nor is my dad. The hotel room is not normal, the floor is slanted downwards towards the windows that over look Las Vegas. Also, the windows are from floor to ceiling, and there are no windows actually in them, it is wide open. I was sitting on a couch that seemed to be in the center of the room and was the only sort of furniture in the room. I was having a panic attack due to my fear of heights and the thought of someone falling out the window because multiple people kept going to the edge to look down. At one point my mother decided to go and look off the edge and I had an anxiety attack and was overwhelmed with fear because I thought she was going to slip and fall out the window. There was also a faint breeze blowing through which I thought was going to blow people out the window. Everyone in the room was able to walk around the *****e normally, however, I was on the couch and had to keep catching myself from slipping off and sliding onto the floor and out the window. Then the scene changed and I was sitting on a grate sort of surface that was extended out the window where I could look down and see the street and city below me. A baby was crawling towards me and when it got to the grate it fell through the cracks, I panicked, and then tried to grab it through the grate, I had a hold of the baby and then I woke up in a panic attack and had extreme anxiety.
2013-04-16 09:22:43
i dreamt about anxiety turns
2013-03-10 14:27:25


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