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2014-03-09 01:23:23
My little brother had died in my dream. He was getting ready to go off to college but somethin g happened, im not sure how he died. But my parents told me in my dream and I was crushed. I felt this huge weight descend upon me and I was overwhelmed. I thought I was on the couch but when I looked up, I was standing by the huge window in our living room. I watched as our van drove away like it had when my 1 year old foster brother went back to his father. I couldn't breathe because I was so sad and angry this was happening....again. An old, beat up green truck (a truck my brother would have loved) was backing into our drive way. I heard my sister say, "someone's here" and when I looked into the reflection in the glass I saw my friend that passed away a year ago.I said quietly "Derek? Why are you here? What does this mean?" I remember being so sad, words just fail to describe it. But Derek lowered his head and shook it as he put a hand on my shoulder. My parents looked at me with their tear filled eyes like I was crazy. I went to the door, it felt like it took forever, but as I did all my memories of my brother flooded me. I finally reach the door and it's a little boy with his back turned to me. I place my hand on his shoulder to turn him toward as me. As I turn h i m, he morphhs into my 6 foot tall brother: he was crying and smiling, brushing this all off like would in a joke. "Please, please dont leave! I love you. Please don't go." He hands me a dish with food, smiles, hugs me and leaves for the truck. Derek comes out and again places his hand on my shoulder. "It's going to be ok." He whispers in my ear. Derek hugs me and then gets in the truck with my brother. I'm left on the porch, darkness descends upon me and I cry. Because I dont want to be ok, I want them all back. My brothers....When I went back inside, my parents ashed me to write his obituary but I could with that face starring back at me because once I write it, he's really gone. My brother really would be gone. And that's when I woke up crying because it felt too real to be a dream.
2014-01-05 03:17:31


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