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My dream last noght was horrid… It gave me an explanation of why some people barely talk to me andtend to avoid me now. Even sending me false texts that I though were real. Emily send me a text saying hey, I refused to respond given how little she responds to me, my subconcius actions are sometimes cruel. Then Matias showed me something horrible… Something really depressing to myself. One of my past favorite friends of the past, Jonathan, simply rejected me because he felt I was annoying, a loser, someone who just made him look bad. Mattias brought me to multiple scenes where he expressed this idea into why I could not be invited to hangout with them after classes. In the last event he could see me simply because I wished it to be true. He looked at me in disgust and told me I was a loser and to get away. I don’t know how I feel about this. Afterwards I left without saying a ward, fistbumped Mattias my thanks (alongside nodding thank you) and left. Later on I was in a rush to get away from something or someone so I hid in my mind’s version of Ryan’s house (we were also being yelled at by the school’s security guard along the way since he knew we didn’t live in these buildings). For some reason as well Meghan was there (she had her own room). I slept in a separate room alongside my dad while Kaitlin slept in Meagan’s room (for some reason my dad gave the suggestion if I wanted to sleep in her room, I had declined with “No! That’s weird”). Later me and Kaitlin were setting up a game of chess along a beautiful background of the seaside (the ocean wasn’t present next to the house before this scene).
2015-10-27 19:34:21
roaming strange buildings
2015-10-23 05:07:55


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