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My boyfriend Nick, a co worker and myself are being held hostage by an unknown male. We are at my parents house, alone. He seems to be mentally challenged, gets frustrated and yells orders at us. In my dads garage he has my boyfriend In a chair and has me typing out a kind of list of demands or something on the computer, I'm not sure. As I cry, I explain that my dad will be VERY angry at us for being in his garage when he gets home. The unknown bad guy laughs and says he'll get him drunk or use this, and motions at a knife in is pocket. Nervously I sit down on Nicks lap and keep typing but Nick is slowly backing us up towards the door. The attacker notices this and reaches for a cable to tie us up. I cry and ask him not to. Suddenly, we are in a different part of the house with the same chair. As the bad guy gives me orders, I motion to Nick to run for the back door, he does very quickly. As the attacker runs after him I scream for my co worker to follow me into my old bedroom and try to lock the door, but the attacker is much stronger and forces his way into the room. I beg him not to hurt us and he knocks us onto the floor. With 2 ball point pens he starts stabbing at my legs and saying "I'm gonna kill you both!" When he motions towards my co worker I scream, "please, I'll do anything!" He reaches into his pocket and grabs a handful of permanent markers. He starts writing obscene things up and down my legs. He lifts my shirt and writes "I love *****" on my stomach. Before he can actually touch me, Nick is back in the room kicking him off of me! The rest is blurry but the bad guy was gone and my co worker unscathed except for one pen mark. I climb onto what is my old bed and everyone seems fine except me. I'm uncontrollably crying. When my parents get home they don't even offer a hug. I tell my mom what he tried to do and she starts recounting stories from when I was younger saying "you've always been *****ual"! Only my older brother Dustin, who I haven't seen in 3 years holds me and tells me it's ok. And it's not until my mom sees me shaking and crying and lifting my pant legs to show her, that she realizes how very real and scary it all was for me. Then I woke up.
2013-12-15 10:28:35


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