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I moved into a house (with the boys and there sister, my step daughter). The house was a one story house with a basement. I was in my bedroom, in bed, when Ramius and his sister walked in my room. My bed high above the floor in at angle... It was like a loft style bedroom, with a vaulted ceiling about 12ft. and I was at the very top. They telepathically told me something was in the house and they needed me. I go with them, walking the hallway from my room toward the rest of the house... The kids and I could sense movement and heard the ghost but could not see it. I commanded in the name of Christ I for the ghosts to show themselves... The ghost grabbed a white shirt I had (It belonged to my ex Grace) to put on showing its silhouette as it went toward a 100 year old rocking chair I have... (i do own it) She sat in it and appeared. I nor the children were afraid. The woman was veiled from her forehead back in white and pink fine linens around her body, a dress... She gave a sense of royalty. She spoke to me/us of things... she informed me the house was haunted, that there were 3 ghosts. I asked her if there was a psychic among the ghosts that could help me and she said 'no'... There was no one of them like that. My ex husband showed up to bring Marcus and he was the only one who reacted saying Oh Hell No! Marcus seemed ok. I felt *****ually aroused suddenly... I excused myself back toward my room. On the way down the hall toward my room I found the basement door to my right. Suddenly another ghost opened the door.It was young man-ghost who was dark skinned like an Aztec but was more Caribbean looking. He was wearing a sports jersey, royal blue and jeans, he was tall and said "what's up" like he hasn't seen me in forever... He walked toward the rocking chair, talking to the kids, the lady in white gone. At the door the third ghost appears, a woman dressed as nun from an earlier christian period, she was short, busty, wearing a mask of a Happy Buddha. No ghost went back down, and the last two spoke to the children only.
2013-09-03 17:32:46
I was in an empty room with three stranger, two boys and one girl, one of the boy had blue hair and a cool look while the girl had twintailed curly hair and an innocent expression; we had to escape together from the mansion. we walked toward a door and found ourself on a path with beautiful trees on the sides. we used a motorcicle that was parked near us to try and escape but suddenly one of the guys remembered that he lost some money in the previous room. The blue haired boy decide to go back and search for the money of the other guy despite the dangerous situation. I decided to go back as well and tried to drive the motorcicle without success. when we got back, the girl noticed a door that we hadn't seen before so she went toward the door with the boy who lost the money to explore, leaving the searching to the blue haired boy and me. We found two pair of ten euro on the floor and I took them to give them back to the boy who lost them. I went to the other room. On the floor, covered in her blood was the twintailed girl, dead, while the boy that lost the twenty euro stood there, a knife in his hand. he looked at me, a twisted grin on his face. he grabbed my t-shirt and pushed me on the floor than he walked in the previous room and locked the door. I tried to open it without any success; the blue haired boy was in danger with that Killer. Suddenly I heard a mechanic rumor and a little girl's voice:"Where are you?" she singed. Sensing danger, I walked toward every door I found but each of them was closed. finally I found myself at the end of the corridor, there were two doors, one in front of me and one on my right:"I'm coming" the girl said. Scared I pulled the door in front of me open and found myself in a room filled with strange looking people. one woman who was seated on a trone looked at me and decided that if i could win three trials, i could continue my escape even without companion. I found myself duelling with a plastic weapon against a girl and I won. in the second trial I found myself challenging in a music contest a small child with familiar features. the child played a familiar avventurous song, he was really good at it, I had little to no chance to win. In that instant the blue haired guy and the Killer entered the room. "You!" I screamed running toward them to punch the killer. the woman on the trone made me stop with a commanding look.
2013-07-24 11:03:46
I dreamed I was riding in the passenger side of a vehicle down hill on a rock road where I seen a white wood frame house with a pond in front that went up to the concrete driveway and wrapped around the side of the house to the back yard. I seen a lot of fish jumping around in the murky water i than noticed a medium white dog walking from a two story light red brick home across the street into the concrete driveway of the white wood framed house with the pond and there was an alligator at the driveway edge in the water floating. The white dog looked down into the water and the alligator reached out and bit into the white dog's bottom lip and pulled the dog into the water and down under the water. I ran over and looked down in the water where I could see the white dogs black lips and his black eyes were looking up at me from under the water. I looked around and found a chunk of concrete and thought to myself I hope I do not hit the dog or if I hit the alligator that it does not get angry and start to roll the dog under water. I dropped the rock and hit the alligator it released the white dog who swam up to the front of the pond at the front of the drive way I grabbed the dog out of the water and went inside of the house in a bedroom that a man and a woman was in, the man had to take a shower so the woman and I went down a hall to another room that was painted dark pink with a small window in the west side wall. i looked out the window and seen a larger alligator come walking out of the water onto the green grassy yard it looked at something up close to window turned around walked back to the pond. i noted a man who was fishing pull in his line grab his pole and things and walk pass the big alligator who was going back into the water see's the man walk close pass him and turns around after the man bites him on his blue jeans by his foot the man commands the alligator to stop and stay it obays the man the man comes into the house and tells me there is a baby alligator tangled up in clear plastic twine and he was going to go untangle the baby alligator to set it free. i told the man to take the other man from the house to watch out that the big alligator does not attack him because it was a wild animal and could not trust that it will obay the fisherman again the man said that was a good idea so the two men went outside and freed the baby alligator i than seen the baby and the big alligator and a medium alligator lined up on the green grass outside the window.
2013-05-10 06:22:39


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