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2014-09-15 03:53:06
I was with mihir and vamsi one night doing stupid stuff as usual and I was running around the street but then a car going like 394748494 mph almost ran us over but it stopped right before it hit us The person driving the car ended up being Sanjana and she was with two guys Mihir was like ***** is this a hookup And she didn't say anything, just had a guilty face on and drove away with the two freaky looking white men So I came back to her dorm and susmita was her roommate and I was looking around trying to find answers And I found out that she and shamaas broke up and susmita and Sanjana were eating some type of candy It was weird candy But then A (pretty little liars) showed up and took a candy of the same color that Sanjana was eating (pink), and mixed some chemical in it, basically drugging Sanjana who eventually ate it And then the two white men showed up and she just left So I went and called 911 but susmita was telling me not to and that we should just find her But I said we should have 911 looking for her too But when I called 911, there was some type of group call where some lady was tellin them about her breakup and 911 wasn't helping with my case at all So we both ran to find Sanjana but then in the dream, the person switched to manasa And we found manasa and Moni(her cousin) came too, back to the dorm And manasa's parents were there And manasa was like my parents knew we were fighting and the scene switched to my house where everyone was cooking and manasas dad was yelling at manasa and monisha I was making paneer o.o And then the scene switched and I was at some lake resort water park with my baby cousins and manasa and family And no one could fit into this one tunnel path thing...except for my baby cousin And she went over and came back because I yelled at her to and then my mom was like YOURE ON YOUR PERIOD WHY ARE YOU IN THERE and that was the end of the dream
2014-07-27 09:55:11


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