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i was making coffee and spilled a BIG box of baking soda there was a young boy about 8 years old watching me clean it up he looked a little be-withered. Next I'm coming down the stairs with my boyfriend (I think we are married) carrying me with my legs rapped around his hips (so I'm facing him) we continue down the hallway the house is an amazing old house with updates and it's amazing (kitchen counters are granite). I have a feeling of much warmth and love. We go to livingroom where his daughter is there with lots of friends and they are all laughing and such. Me and boyfriends are sitting in chairs and on the other side of the girls there is a group of ladies (about 55 and older, but not over 60). I ask daughter who they are she says they have come to see you. Now during all of this I am a ghost and daughter and boyfriend are the only ones that can see me (why the boy was be-withered?). Later i go through the kitchen and exit out a backdoor there are two very small kittens there and a shoo them away with my foot (so they don't come in the house). One lands on a very high landing on the wall of stairwell. I go through the door and a long flight of narrow stairs and as i get to the bottom I can smell and see a large animal under the steps as i open the door (to the outside). Cats come out from under the steps the large one that I saw was a big fat cat that was trying to come out from under the stairs to get outside. They seemed to have been there a long time.
2013-01-08 07:39:23
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