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My brother killed the boy I love. Or I thought he did kill him. The boy came back a couple years later. He had three scars on his face from jeff. He had long brown hair. His shirt was green. His eyes were brown. I was so excited to see him again. I gave him a huge hug and asked how he found me. He said he had spent a long long tome trying to find me. He held no resentment towards my brother, but a bit of fear showed in his eyes. I told him I dodn't want him to get hurt again, and sent him away with a kiss and an I love you. When no one was home I invited him over. Everyone else had left on vacation. He had brought achohol even though we were both underage. I got really drunk and he did too. There were a bunch of friends over. We ended up drunkenly kissing on the way back to the bedroom. We practiaclly collasped onto the bed. I ended up scrambling to get me shirt off. I ws braless. I made him take off his shirt and then kicked off my jeans. I was only in my underwear. In a frenzied lust i reached down and started to undo his belt and jeans. I rubbed the head of his ***** to tease him a bit and he let out a small moan. I grinned. He yanked me back up roughly and practiaclly shoved me back, yanking off my underwear. I whimpered in anti*****tion. He now grinned. He blew cold air on my *****oris, and i jerked backwards in suprise. He stuck one finger in and was extremly fristrating. When he realized how wet I was for him, he just went to three fingers. At this point I was holding in a few gasps and moans, nothing to hard to handle. Then he added in last two and started scissoring. I felt like I could ***** but didnt want to. I wanted it to last. So when he started fisting I just broke apart in a squirming and moaning mess of garbled curses and was saying his name. He lapped up some of the ejaculate. Then he stripped off of his boxers abd slid into me. There had been a condom, but in our drunk state. He shoved himself into me, and I let out a breathy gasp at the painful sensation. Slowly he begain.
2015-01-16 17:48:19


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