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I saw that I graduated. The dream was all in sepia. I saw Abhishek, a classmate of mine when I was in 5th standard, in Varanasi. Now I'm in 9th, and it is weird to dream of him as I don't even think about him. Abhishek graduated too with me. I saw a ladder, I wanted to climb it, but I did not as I was amazed to see Abhishek and started talking with him. We did not talk much, however. I went on a machine, and I was informed that the machine was built by a man who graduated the first time in the world. His graduation was so great. My father told me that graduation is nothing but a kind of interview. All the difference between and interview is that in graduation, we have to make a presentation. M father said that examiner asks some question, and we have to answer it, and then make a presentation on the basis of the questions that were asked. Then I asked my father that why the man who graduated the first time is famous? He said that it was because his presentation was different, he was asked some different kinds of questions that are normally not being asked. But I said to my father, that this is not a good reason, why did examiners asked different questions to him only, not to any one else? There is nothing he did. Then I demanded again why the man who graduated first was famous? My father replied that it was because he committed suicide later. I was still confused, I couldn't understand why the man who graduated the first time was famous. Before I could get information a little more, I woke up.
2013-02-19 07:40:08
i missed my graduation in 1968
2012-11-13 22:04:02


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