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I was in an abandoned building with my brother and my sister and we were chased by something/someone. After awhile i got separated from them and i was alone. I tried to fight off the people trying to hurt me and i got injured. Then i was at a different place. Weak and alone. There was an old man. He took care of me, taught me how to fend for myself. He trained me on how to use my abilities well. I went back to the abandoned building but now, it's crowded by people. And hidden in them are the people chasing me before. I used my abilities and all the lessons i got from the training to fight them off. I almost failed again but the old man was there and he healed me. The people who were chasing me before went after the old man instead of me and i was scared that they would kill him. By this time, i still dont know the identity of this old man. I searched for him everywhere. When i couldnt find him, i went down on my knees and cried my heart out, thinking he mightve been killed by those people. Then i saw my long lost brother, with him, was the old man. He came to me and when i look up at him.. He look so familiar yet i couldnt place him. I wanted to know why he was being so good to me, and why did he taught me how to fight. He cried a little and hugged me. He told me someday i would know and he would never again, leave me defenseless. Afterwards i saw glimpse of us fighting bad people together in a forest and this time, i saw myself saving him instead. Despite all the danger, we looked happy. In that moment, i can see that je was proud of what i had become. Yet, after all the hardship we went through together, i still dont know who he is.
2015-01-22 23:22:46
My brother was a serial killer who wears a white hoodie and has black hair. A tall man with white skin and no face was like a father figure to us. We got into a fight with a jock at school. I stabbed the jock in the foot. A boy named Toby who was wearing goggles grabbed my hand and lead us both deep into the forest. We came to a mansion, which confused us. We had never seen it before. This was how we met the man. He introduced himself. I was worried about what me and Jeff (my brother) would do. We could not go back to our parents. After a while the mansion was like a home to us. One day I decided to wear some band merch and converse shoes to school. AS I slung my backpack over my shoulder and started the walk down the path, Jeff teased me. He asked why I was so dressed up, as he put it, and said it was for a boy i denied it, but he was right. I ended up in love with him. Slenderman didn't want me, a proxy, to fall in love with a mortal. So i fought and struggled to keep it hidden from him. When the boy, who was named Johnnie, asked why I had to keep it secret, I told him my dad doesn't want ne dating. And some vad things could happen to us if my dad found out. He just nodded and grunted. So one day I fell asleep next to him on his bed. Slenderman had had Jeff go out and look for me. When Jeff got back dad was mad. He hated me. He hated Johnnie. And Jeff was dissapointed in me. I was dragged out of the home, held in restraint by Jack and E.J. I saw a look of fear on Johnnie's face. I heard Jeff ask what had happened last night, and he honestly replied that we both fell asleep. Jeff didn't believe him and slapoed Johnnie hard. He thought that Johnnie had drugged me up and *****d me. He was wrong. Jeff ended up killing him. When he got home he came into my room and said everything was fixed and it would all be ok. I saw his ***** hoodie and gasped. I stuttered the question of did he kill Johnnie, and he grinned with an affirmitive yes. This sent my crying into sobbing. I screamed at him about how i hated his guts and how he had killed my first love. A while later i procured a knife and started cutting. I would use stolen makeup to disguise the scars that covered my body. I stopped smiling like i used to and hid in my room a lot more. Jeff started to worry. One day he walked in while I was moving the blade across my wrists.
2015-01-16 17:25:03


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