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My husband Troy, our special needs son Ross and I were at some function out of town. We were in some type of room in a hotel. Kinda felt like a holding room as others starting entering in. We discovered that they played us here so they could hand pick those they wanted to be in the audience. A few people figured this out and snock out to see if they could get into the event. My husband was one of them I saw walk through a curtian into the event. My was bothered that he just left us there. Thinking he always gets to do these amazing things. What was hours later the room turned into a room with beds. Troy came back smelling like *****. He confessed saying he didn't have ***** but enjoyed other things with beautiful women. He said that he doesn't love me and knows that I'm not going anywhere. I grabbed my son Ross and we walked out of the room. I was so confused as to what he just said to me and unsure where to go as we were in a city I didn't know. The next thing I know a black convertible bow shows up. They say Ian take it so I load Ross and his wheelchair up and slowly drive as it was very crowded. I left the doors open as I wanted to turn the corner and pull over to drop the top but the traffic became so bad. I finally got over and put my hazards on and a woman comes up to me saying I'm going to lose my son for driving with my doors open and that I needed to turn the car in. I was confused and explained to her that I just got it and only drove around the block. She said that Troy had it for days before and I had to get out of it . Than I woke up
2016-10-21 08:27:54
I was at my daughter and her husband's house for my granddaughter's 6 year old birthday party. Children and their parents everywhere. I could see the bright blue bouncy house in the grass that they rented for the day. As I walked in the house balloons were flying high everywhere and the smell of delicious food filled the house. Two of my sons were there and seemed to be enjoying themselves. I could see my granddaughter in her pretty pink dress with her sparkly white shoes playing and laughing with the other children. After awhile I started helping my daughter with the cake and ice cream. It was a beautiful cake with vanilla mousse filling from COSTCO. Her theme was Hello Kitty. After she opened all her gifts and the children were playing again I could see my granddaughter was not happy then I noticed some of the girls were misusing here new toys, but just then her mom called for them to get their goody bags and go outside for the piƱata, that was so cute to see them swinging and missing and them watch them trying to get the most candy they could. While they were jumping in the bouncy house. I went in the house. I was talking with some of the children's parents and some of my daughter's friends and people she works with. It was so nice to finally put a face with the people she talks so much about and enjoys working with. It was a beautiful, crisp day. Selah said she loved it. We said our goodbyes said our thank you's and was given lots of cake to take home.
2016-10-13 08:05:29


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