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buying new leather sofa
2014-01-26 07:00:37
Black leather rope
2013-11-10 04:35:35
I dreamed that I lived in a castle that I had built with my own hands. I had carved every inch of exposed wood. My wife was complaining that I spent more time taking care of and building the castle than I did her. I stab her in the ear with a pencil and she falls to the floor screaming then a bunch of rats come out and start biting on her and she dies. I walk down a very wide stair case to the living room and there is a fat lady sitting on a white leather couch looking out my floor to ceiling windows in the back of the house. A few feet behind her is a row of very large cages which hold a couple of lions and a gorilla. I climb up on the door of the end cage and let out the two lions. They attack the fat lady and she dies. I go inside the cage to keep myself away from the lions. The gorilla cage is connected to the lion cage with a single door. The gorilla holds up a key as if to tell me he can get to me if he wants. I exit the cage and flip a switch on the lock which makes the lock permanently locked and cannot be opened with a key. The lock casing is made of brass and I had carved it as well. I exit the castle through a hidden door near the cages. Once outside I stand back and look at the magnitude of my castle. I climb up the outside wall because some of the stones are sticking out just enough for a foot/hand hold. I enter back into the castle through an open window. I take a phone book off a small table in the room and set it on fire in order to burn down the castle.
2013-11-05 05:11:19
I was at an old train stain like from WWII. I was alone. There was no music. I kept wandering aimlessly. I looked up and saw a friend of mine who had passed away 2 weeks ago. He looked s solid as a regular person. His arms were out he voiced "Hug me!". I ran to hug him. As soon as I got near him he vanished. Faded away like smoke. It happened again and again. I started to get upset and confused. I looked behind me to see and old steam train. It was empty. I entered the train and sat down at a table with 2 chairs either side.A member of staff in a blue uniform came and gave me tea. The uniform looked like a blue jumpsuit. My friend joined me sitting across from me. This time he had a hospital gown on with a brown leather jacket over it. He asked me how I was. I replied " I'm okay. I just can't believe you're gone." To which he said, " I'm not really gone. I'm still here." He got up and went back out onto the platform. I followed behind him. He was in his regular clothes again.I saw across from us was his mum, sisters, and grandfather. They were all wearing black. Like they'd just gone to a funeral. His sisters had black mascara running down their faces.My friend went over and hugged them. His family just walked off the station like nothing had happened. Then his best friend showed up. They we interacting like he'd never passed. Skateboarding; joking around, etc. I went up to his friend and said "You know he's not really there right?" to which he said "I know but that doensn't mean we can't be happy for him." I woke up crying my eyes out. The dream was so real. It felt like I was really there.
2013-11-03 01:20:36
Black leather jacket
2013-09-12 22:39:32


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