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In any event, I got out of the building and I was in the huge area with a bunch of really large buildings that were all connected seemingly. The first one I was in looked like a large lobby of a hotel. The ceiling was really high and it looked like Greek or Roman architecture...most of the buildings did for that matter. There didn't seem to be many walls though and just a few people in the lobby. Then passing thru the lobby I came to a large park. Not really a park becuase it looked like it was inside the building. There were only walls on the three sides not the one I had come in from. There were rows and rows of seating where I came in and then the lake then a large area where there were 5 people putting on a concert with harps....yeah harps. To the left was another wall with other stuff...people sitting and some art on the wall that was like roman theater type old. Then I realized that I had a bottle of wine and a subway sandwich and you were there. You were wearing a yellow shirt and some kind of a skirt. Don't ask me why I know it was yellow because you're not supposed to see color in your dreams and I don't remember actually seeing color. No matter. So, we started to walk around the left side of the pool that's where I saw the roman theater art and you weren't there. I remember thinking you had gone to find us a place to sit and eat our sandwich. The the band changed to another group with trumpets and stuff. Then I remember this little kid kept following me and hanging on to me. I got a little frustrated, pulled him off of me and threw him into the lake. lolll.... I looked down into the lake afraid that he might drown and he popped up and I pulled him out and told him "quit clinging to me and I won't throw you into the lake". I remember looking into the lake and thinking the water was a nice light blue and deep with a rocky shelf part way down. Not sure why. So, then I started looking for you and couldn't find you. I started back the way I had come and eventually found you. You said that you were looking all over for me too. The weird part was that you had changed your shirt. You had on a black shirt and black and white skirt this time. And you had drank the whole bottle of wine but you still had the sandwich I think.
2013-01-17 08:07:55
I was in a very large hotel, which appeared like a hotel you'd see in Vegas. I was trying to get out of the building. I kept trying to take the stairs to get out of the building and back to my date. Each set of stairs I would come up to lead to a wall or had a bar blocking it completely off. I became frustrated that I couldn't go where I needed to go. I walk backwards and see a set of two elevators. There are two women getting into the one on the left, so I decide to enter the other elevator. But the door is not completely open in this elevator, and there is one woman hunched down within in it so she could fit. She asks me if I'm trying to get out through the lobby. I nod my head and she tells me the elevator couldn't take her there either, she already tried. So I tell her I have an idea to go to the front of the building and she gets out of the elevator and follows me. As I'm walking to the front of the building, a man appears to my right. The woman is no longer present. He is handsome but for some reason I am very cautious of him. He asks me where I am going, then says he is also looking for the lobby. He says, let's walk together. He was flirtatious and tries to put his arms around me, but in doing so touches my left ribs. I wince in pain. I ask him to stop because my ribs are sore and his touch hurt. We then see an area clearly marked for the exit so we both take our next step but suddenly we are in a free fall down various levels of what appears to be a mall. We are both scared and try to figure out a way to save ourselves. He tries to help but to no avail. Suddenly, I see an opening and stick out my left leg which got me into the store. Somehow amazingly, this didn't hurt me, and I was able to prop up my leg and pull him in to safety as well. Then, a woman working in the store walks up to us and asks if we would like to smell some perfume from their new selection even though we are on the floor dazed. That's when I woke up.
2012-11-12 14:23:58
I was swimming in a muni*****l pool with a man I am very attracted to. He’s taller than me and very broad across his chest. I think he is a swimmer. I could feel him under water so I also knew he was attracted to me. He was very strong powerful capable. He kept coaxing me into deeper water than I was comfortable with, and then carried me through a huge dip in the floor of the pool and to the other side which was slightly shallower where I felt a lot safer. We cuddled a bit in the pool but I was embarrassed and worried the lifeguards would throw us out. Eventually he got out to get dressed and stayed in the pool for a little longer doing some “show off” moves in shallow water. When I got out to get dressed I found there were two women in my cubical who refused to move, and as the cubical was not big enough for the both of us, I had to hoof all my belongings into another cubical. As I was changing the curtain was pulled aside and the attractive man was watching me. We agreed to meet upstairs in the lobby of the hotel. For some reason I had my cat with me, and on getting upstairs found the place to be very familiar, but I couldn’t see the attractive man. I got distracted watching an aerial display of some sort while still holding my cat, and then realised that all ther elderly people in the lobby (for there were no people my age) were all getting up and going for dinner and still I could not see the attractive man. I called him and found out he had already left and was back in Edinburgh. He was doing an exam when I called. He said he would come and collect me but it would take about 1.15 mins. I was very upset as I couldn’t believe the attractive man had forgotten about me so easily. I wandered barefoot around the gardens still holding my sleeping cat until he collected me.
2012-10-18 06:43:14
So we are like in this cabin type place and I am sitting on the couch next to this guy ive become good friends with in the last eight to nine months. And I have recently started to have a crush on him. So I'm sitting on the couch next to him and there is just a pillow laying in between us. My hand and his are on the pillow. I believe there are other people in the room with us but I don't quite remember. So he takes my hand as we are watching some movie. And during the movie we are engaged in conversation with the other people around us and everyonce in a while we will let go of each others hand and then hold hands again when our attention goes back to the movie and I just remember his thumb like rubbing mine as we sit there and I'm just extremely happy. Then the movie ends and everyone gts up and starts leaving through this lobby like area. I see a jewelery stand in the lobby and a necklace catches my eye so I walk over to look at it. As I walk over ilook out the glass doors and see a few of my friends cars parked out there .and the guy I was holding hands with, his truck has like a trailor of some sort hitched to the back. So he leaves and I stay to look at the jewelry. I notice a bunch of pretty necklaces and some have dreamcatchers on them. Then I decided to buy a pair of black dangly earrings so intake them to the cashier and she is a girl that I go to school with but I don't really talk to her cause shes popular I guess so I'm beneath her. I hand the earrings toned and then go and look at more necklaces. Rthen I like appear outside the building and It seemed like. I was looking up and down this country like road for the guy that left.
2012-10-03 17:51:08


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