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More than once, I get into my car and an elderly man gets in the backseat. He gives me requests as if I am a taxi, “Grocery store, please” or “Home, thanks”. I am never afraid of him and he seems to trust me. I seem to have an understanding that he knows I am not a taxi but that he needs my help; it makes me feel good to assist him. He seems kind and wise. At one point, I am driving a car and pulling a motorcycle behind me/it. At one point, I pull over and am walking around the outside of the vehicle; aware of the attention the car and motorcycle seem to be attracting (they are lovely and expensive). I get into the car and the old man is now directly beside me and he needs to go to the grocery store. I pull away from the curb but realize I leave the motorcycle behind me. I fret about this and think about backing up; it is not appropriately or legally parked but I realize there is oncoming traffic behind me and I will have to leave it and return to it later. The car has changed to more of a frame of a car; with metal bars giving it shape but otherwise completely exposed to the outside. I seem to be having trouble steering and directing the car; I am not entirely out of control but I feel clumsy with it. I am embarrassed that I do not remember how to get to the store the old man wants to go to and I have to ask him to remind me of the way - - he tells me to make a right at the next light and I do; this seems to trigger my memory and I suddenly realize the direction/store where we are going. At one point, we get out of the car and are in an elevator together – I do not remember if we are going up or down – only that we are on our way to the store.
2013-06-13 10:18:25


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