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Parked Car and Luggage
2013-09-30 00:25:58
Very gruesome dream i ever dreamt in these days…so cruel and just came at a point of our life…We just shifted to a new home in the neighbour city to where we are living..we took an apartment to live in which is so economic..actually it went on good for while that we are playing inside and outside the lawn with the neighbors but….i got to know that some thing is going wrong..i noticed someone is trying to produce an report of witness that there is a bomb inside the apartment we are living…i found it pretty serious for a minute and got into my work later..but the morning…the housewarming function is going on..and something ticked my mind to not to stay in that place is parti*****ting in the function except my aunt…she went away far from the apartment and i am letting my sister to take her away to the safe zone…down to steps ,when i came there i am in perplexion watching a secret code hanged with a witness stating that there is bomb inside the apartment and the word is “NAIL THROUGH” …i asked my aunt whether she knew about that..she said that uncle said me to be in safe zone i already knew that there are bombs to be detonated in the inner voice said to what a w***** she can be so lavish not intimating everyone about such a dangerous matter…and the explosion started..bombs are being blasted with a huge sounds and our eyes filled with confusion about where to be..the bulding is totally being blasted and the some tiny parts of it are falling on us..and let my mom and sister pulling them to the safe zone more and more..we are recently became citizens of that new city we dont know where to go..we pulled our two wheelers and going out of that area…my mom with dad and my sis on my bike..we are trying to turn around and around..and how ever we are coming to the same place where the building is blasted ..finally we went to police station …. iam frigtened as the people who blasted the apartment are arrested and kept that station..i wondered how dad can take such a stupid decision of going to the police station…and that too big the way ..we didnt directly went to chamber of the took us with a huge luggage to a place where the criminals are hanged and later to the place where the cops keep the corpse of the criminal and pray for the peace of criminal’s soul and then we are at the was so unclear about that and in mean while i took my sister to somewhere hoping atleast about her safety…in the way i noticed my friends (girls) ..they to noticed me and hello ed me..but when i tried to introduce my sister to them they ignored her..s o i left them to their fate and proceeded to my way…then something ticked them and all the girls starting for an attempt to be introduced to my sister …this time i ignored them and they all became dull for doing that..i can see fear in their eyes..but i didn’t moving from that place.. and kept my sister in the safe iam noticed a s***** of river and it is beautiful now with a lighting..the river was so cool and calm …..the lighting kept in the river was cool and peace…i donated a coin to the beggar and i got a few friends who are extremely new to me..there.
2013-06-22 09:28:16
snake in my luggage
2013-06-02 08:26:01
I have decided last minute to travel overseas from my home (australia to ?America?) my partner is not with me at the airport, my tickets have the wrong names on them they are in this flip book thing like a cheque book and I almost miss my flight standing at the airline counter (a male staff member is helping me) I am flustered and begin flipping madly through the book and find them attached towards the middle, other people's tickets... Names I don't recognize are in the book before mine. I am now on the flight. I arrive at the hotel and for some reason my partner is in the taxi with me on the way there? We check in (hotel is very luxurious) and take an elevator to our room escorted by a man with our luggage he brings the luggage in and leaves. We are both happy discussing what we want to eat and I open my suitcase to get changed and all my clothes are dirty... There is a knock at the door and the luggage man from before comes in drops his pants (naked) and states he needs to use the toilet he goes in sits on the toilet and is discussing things in the hotel magazine with me half way through the conversation the man turns into someone else an older man with a thick accent that is hard to understand.. He gets up from the toilet and tries to leave with the magazine but I argue with him that he can't take it as it's the hotels and we will have to pay for it he tears out a few pages and leaves. I go back to my suitcase and we keep discussing food options I want to go to a fast food resturant that we don't have in Australia and I am adamant I know where it is because I have been there before (yet this place is unfimilar to me in reality?) we are now talking with a lady outside our room who is flirting with my partner because of his australian accent, I grow more and more frustrated wanting to get away from the conversation and go back into the room. I go in dragging my partner with me as he apoligizes to the woman for our rudeness and when I enter there is a random couple sitting on the couches opposite each other in our room flipping through magazines, I question their presance and ask them to leave, they do so hesitantly. After they are gone I go back to my suitcase rummaging throuhh there are only dirty clothes and I have nothing to wear this angers me and I start questioning my partner as to why all the clothes I have packed are dirty. At this point I feel something stack in my teeth and I go to pull it out and begin pulling out strand after strand of my long brown hair out of my teeth and mouth, I am getting anxious and afraid and keep asking my partner to help me saying over and over it's stuck in my teeth as I feel I am begining to choke on all the hair filling my mouth I wake up..... What the hell does all this mean? Please help....
2013-05-10 21:23:11


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