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Finding pins in my sole
2013-08-12 00:54:34
Pulling pins from my heel
2013-08-12 00:53:55
2013-06-29 01:05:39
it was very vivid, and detailed, I remember only a bit of it now. I was at this Art Building/House a place sort of like momai or temple of visions.. only it had several stories, a lot of new age artists were there exhibiting their pieces, the music, talks were held, all sorts of creative endeavors were placed there. The staircase was enormous. it looked like it was made for people who were like 7 feet tall. Big metallic staircases, I went there wearing heels, all done up... *****y. I was single, Kim had returned to his ex girlfriend. And all the girls were staring at me, I was with a girlfriend of mine, who I don't recognize in real life. I was complaining about how enormous and concrete the staircases were, how if one fell, it would be painful and dangerous... anyway, I get to a level, and Kim and I are no longer together. The girl disappears and I confront Kim on the staircase level. Like, not ON the stairs, but in the staircase level place... and I have feline energy, I'm kind of acting like a tiger or some sort of big cat, in the way I'm confronting him... I'm scratching him, and tearing off bits of his clothes, taunting him, insulting him and asking if he and his ex ***** every night, taunting him with these aggressive questions. He doesn't yield to me, and grabs my wrist and says, "yes, every night Dorrina" not in a mean way, but just answering my questions. I freak OUT and start attacking him, digging my nails into him and scratching him and screaming "DONT TELL ME THAT! HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT TO ME!" And he pins me on the ground with his body and breathes into me, and puts his face between my thighs and starts going down then my *****ing alarm clock goes off and wake me up, so I turn it off and go back into the dream world but its different this time
2013-06-18 10:26:20
pins in heart
2013-06-16 23:34:17


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