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a poor family
2014-01-20 02:26:06
i was outside of my dormitory with two friends who attend the school with me. we were standing and then noticed a rattling sound in a tree next to us. the tree had no leaves since it was winter time. after focusing on the sound we notice that the rattling noise was coming from what looked like a bird, but after it flew directly towards my face i then noticed the animal wasn't a bird but a tiny brown bat.i was thinking what is a bat doing out in the day time it must be confused, poor thing. there after we noticed these large creatures flying in the sky that were swirling above in the sky. they looked like huge birds but after the creatures began to swirl in closer i noticed that it was a beautiful white horse, that looked fat and strong with like lightning blue squiggly designs on it. along side it was also a healthy looking very pink, fat pig. both had wings and were flying. the animals landed onto the ground and then a van pulled up and they ended up in the van somehow with these men who seemed dangerous. i felt as though the men were killers but would not kill me nor my friends. we were not on their kill list. however the pig ended up being stabbed with a dagger and began to run out of the van. the horse ran after it and rounded it up back into the van. my friends and i also ended up in the van. the pig was hurt but wasn't bleeding. the puncture was one that would cause major bleeding if the object inserted was to be pulled out. the horse seemed to be the big's guardian.
2014-01-01 17:49:30


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