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I Am On A Quest Searching For Someone That's Close To My Heart And Soul. I Don't Know This Persons Name Or What They Look Like Just That If I Don't Find This Person It Could Mean Death. I Go Down Into This Valley Of Nothingness And I Have To Go Into This Deep Dark Sewer That Seems Endless In It's Entirety. Once I Get To The Bottom Finally With A Circular Center Of Cascading Water And Purest Marble And Stone. The Water Is Deep Enough To Rise Above The Ankles. There Are 4 Rooms Surrounding The Circular Center. Each One Being Entirely Different In It's Shape Position and Presence. 1. Room Is Rounded And Long And Deep But Brightly Lit By Orbs Of Untouchable Lights That Are Scorching In Their Purity. The Further Into The Room I Enter The More Intense The Lights Become and They Begin To Burn Into The Very Depth Of My Soul Making Me Dizzy and Aware Of An Overwhelming Need To Lay Down and Sleep. Forceing Me To Flee Out Of There Lest I Give In And Not Finish My Quest 2. The 2nd Room Is Short and Shallow The Smell Is So Musty And Reeks Of Death And Despair. Despair So Heart Shattering That It's Like It's Own Personal Purgatory. There Is Nothing But Dim Lightning And Grey Mishapen Stone Walls That Glistened With Only What Could Be Described As Tears Thousands and Thousands Of Heart Wrenching Tears. Entering This Room I Can Only Make It Halfway Before Falling To My Knees Sobbing And Crying Out To The Heavens For Forgiveness Not Of Myself But For Those Lost Here, Because I Know I Know Within My Heart Of Hearts That What I Feel Here Can Never Be Redeemed Never Be Found and Will Never Make It Before The Gates Of Heaven Or The Gates Of Hell. It Shakes Me To The Core So Deeply That I Barely Have The Strength To Crawl On My Hands And Knees Sobbing Like My Own Heart Has Been Ripped Out To The Center Of Rooms. 3. This Room Is Highly Arched And Ancient Rome In It's Design. It Has Symbols Unlike Anything Imagined From Floor To Ceiling. Flames Of Lights Stream Down From The Ceiling Going All The Way Down. It Is Beautiful In It's Design. But The Symbols Are Memerizing They Move With The Trail Of A FingerTip And The Longer I'm Here The More I Want To Stay and Figure Out The Meaning Behind These Unknown Symbols. I Keep Following The Symbols In Wonder Until I See This Large Symbol Unlike All The Others It Is Red And Large and Ominous But Strangely Intriguing. I Have To Touch It Just From Sheer Curiousity. But As Soon As I Touch It The Flames Of Light Exstinguish and The Symbols Start Spinning In An Amazing Tornado and The Room Pitches Into Black And The Hallway Starts Rapidly Closing And The Water That Was Only Ankle Deep Before Is Gushing In From Nowhere and I'm Forced To Run Back Towards The Entrance As Stones and Marbles Come Crashing Down. I Make It To The Center To See That The Water Is Waist Deep And Murky In Color. The Stones and Marbles Are Still Crashing All Around The Previous Entrance Is Blocked. The Other Rooms Are Destroyed and The Darkness Of Nothing Is Threatning To Engulf Me. 4.Room Four Is Short And Slanted And Unappealing. There Is A Dirty Blood Smeared Mattress Blocking The Entrance. I Have To Crawl Underneath The Mattress With Blood Smearing In My Hair On My Skin Burning Holes Through The Touched Places Causing Me To Scream. The Water Is Above My Head And I'm Swimming Furiously Towards An Opening That I Hope Is An Opening And I'm Panicking That The Lack Of Oxygen Is Gonna Make Me Pass Out. But I Reach The Opening And Tumble Out Dry and Whole Like Nothing Ever Happened. But The Valley Is Different It's Green And Bold And Full Of Beautiful Wildflowers As Tall As My Chest I Am Crying Cuz I've Unfinished My Quest. I Race To The Top Of The Hill With A Razor Wire Fencing And Reach It To Cry Out In Despair There Is Only A 2000 Foot Drop Off Into Black Nothingness On The Other Side. So I Climb Back Down The Hill To The Valley Of Beauty But Loneliness and I Lay There Knowing That I Have To Get Back To The 4 Rooms Or Death Will Be Waiting. Then I Wake Up
2013-07-28 05:25:37
my girl was drinking than i remember i walked her mate home because i was jelouce about her talking to her mate's boyfriend, after dropping my girlfriend's mate home i was on my way back to get my girl but i saw her walking with this little kids, about 4 of them..then they said they just dropping her off because she was acting wierd at the drink up, i said "are you alright? " but she replied in a diffrent low scary voice, she was possessed like crazy, her fone droped out and than voice came on the phone wich was the same low scary voice saying" you cant save her" i tried to call out for help but it seems no one was around ,i broke the window of the house right next to me but no one came out for ,a black cloud with thunders suddenly covered the sky, i was scared but i didnt want to live my girlfriend, so i held her in my arms and yelled out to GOD "help me" i was yelling out a prayer , while i was yelling out to GOD a red looking tiger with scales on his body,a dragon had with horn,and a tale with spikes and yellow glowing eyes with shar razor teeeth was walking around me, it looked like it just wanted to rip me apart, after a few seconds crying out to GOD the ske just flashed with beautiful blue lights, like the lights at the north pole, but they were blue, the blue things came down to me (the looked like angels) the went to the red beast, the beast screamed " NOOO, THIS CANT BE HAPPENING, ITS NOT POSSIBLE" thn the beast dissapered into the thin air, than in the sky i saw a man that kinda look like jesus formed by the beautiful blue lights, he put out his right hand and said "FAITH IS STRONG" "BELIVE" i cant really remember thet part, so all street lights came back on, my girlfriend was free from the beast and smiled at me and said "you did it, you saved me babe" than i woke up .... thank you
2013-04-25 18:05:22
i dreamed on Bic Razors
2013-04-16 18:15:34
Severed head and a razor blade
2013-01-16 23:46:44


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